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Sumcoinlabs 6 months ago

Maintainers of the code here. Have written all the information to this site months ago with no reply back. It's unclear what the site is for if they dont work with the devs.
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aiya 10 months ago

can anyone help me how to sell my sum coin?
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Kyle Landmann 1 year ago

Look on's webpage under 'Crypto News' tab, and you will that on February 2023, some major news came out in regards to pure proof of stake. This is a remarkable discovery and transition for Sumcoin, as it will ensure the safety of the network in the future. Pure proof of stake coins dictate that nobody is able to attack the network unless they own 51% or more of the coins available in the supply.
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Mack Damon 1 year ago

They connected me to this scam, and stole my money totally fed up with all these sites with fake reviews. I have been called to investigate a whole bunch of times, all in the name doubling up including this website. I don’t know what I would have done if not for Drew Wakefield He helped me get my hard earned money back after a thorough investigation. Feel free to contact Him, he can also help people with similar issues, so be free to. contact him Via, : drewwake .jtbtech at 9Ma 1L . C  om
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Victoria Franklin 1 year ago

anyone have coins for sale at 400$/coin? i can't get enough of this coun.
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L Murphy 1 year ago

it's all about the CBDC's and this is designed to track them in the future. No other coin in the market will do that, it's head of the game.
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Isaac Chang 1 year ago

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Fong Chen 1 year ago

The programming behind Sumcoin is very sophisticated and state-of-the-art I heard. I can't believe all the coins are mined out! I missed the boat :(
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Patricia Hullquist 1 year ago

Anyone know where I can buy more? I am a multi millionaire willing to drop loads onto this coin.
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Miss Sherry Lancaster 1 year ago

When I first downloaded Totality wallet to sync Sumcoin, I was simply astonished at how the blockchain synced in about 20 seconds. This is leagues faster than a lot of other wallets, which typically take hours to sync. Why aren't other wallets up to par with Totality?
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