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Leopold Harrison 8 months ago

the most perfect coin to have ever existed
9 0

Parisa Erickson 8 months ago

Was doing work for a client last month and decided to accept more Sumcoin than what the dollar amount of my work was. I thought "what the hell". When my client sent me the coin, I was shocked to see that the Sumcoins she sent arrived almost instanteously. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the Sumcoin network.
11 0

grant honeycutt 8 months ago

Sumcoin is one of the only coins out there to follow Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper down to the T. Peer to peer trading is the only safe way to trade cryptocurrency. Don't buy the hype of these centralized exchanges with their exchange fees and all
10 0

tyrell washington 8 months ago

dis coin be da shit!!!!
9 0

Jacob Vos Savant 8 months ago

Currently holding over 10,000 coins in my Totality Wallet. holding a variety of other coins there as well. never had a single issue sending or receiving coins with the wallet.
10 0

Dr. Lewis Hasan Ph.D. 8 months ago

Project has been around for 4 years. A major update was recently released about pure proof of stake. This will be extremely major news in the crypto world
8 0

Peter Baxter 8 months ago

The best part about Sumcoin is that it's currently not on an exchange and is only traded peer-to-peer. Once you put your coins onto any exchange, you no longer own your keys. Therefore you no longer truly own the coin. As the qorld gravitates towards a cashless economy, the value of crypto will rise, and henxe the value of Sumcoin will rise as well.
12 0

Eric Palmer 8 months ago

Was introduced to Sumcoin last year at the Portland indycar race. Bought a hotdog with some Sumcoin i had purchased there. I believe Sumcoin will have a very good future due to its seriously dedicated dev team.
12 0

Janice Zubizaretta 8 months ago

Lowest volatility coin with maximum exposure to the market. An index coin is what the markets need
8 0

Tanya Carrick 8 months ago

love the peer to peer only aspect. transactions take place in only seconds as opposed to 30 minutes like bitcoin
12 0
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