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5 minutes ago
All review needs to be updated to reflect current market action and reaction. A project may start on the right foot, but as time passes project will fail.
14 minutes ago
ADA will be dropping below 6 cents within one year.
4 hours ago
Real good project
11 hours ago
Not a lot of information on the project! The overvalue and inflated prices. Technically speaking the market coin is in a downward trend and will continue in this way for the next 6 months.
14 hours ago
This is a scam.... A very good scam. You can purchase but cannot withdraw full amounts. Sometime poocoin or pancakeswap will allow you to withdraw about less than 0.09% of BNB once every few hours. Telegram group says to synchronize wallet. But synch (...)
Scam Alert
1 day ago
So scammy they even stole the logo
Simon Saunders
2 days ago
The potential this coin had until the "Mechanic" came along and hacked code from another chain. Then forgot he couldn't actually read code. Then asked for a bail out so someone else could fix is poor copy paste code. So that the whole time he coul (...)
Pablo Espestòs
3 days ago
CS had a plan from the start, if you have a look at socials all documentation proving the guilt of said scammer can easily be found. I honestly pity any poor individuals that choose to invest from here, you might as well set your hard earned money on (...)
3 days ago
Second time of asking by Mr chai Shepard and same result. Yet another scam. Yet more company funds being used to further him and his friends needs. More investors scammed out of money. Whole thing set up so he holds enough coins to control all the no (...)
Padawong qunt
3 days ago
Definitely a scam, chexk the telegram for court orders and legal documents... the CTO owns more then half of the nodes in the top 86 of the DPOS algorithm staking model, and gifted even more then that to others in the community that supported his non (...)
4 days ago
Strong and safe project.
5 days ago
There has been absolutely no information or communication from the team on any platform for months other then the telegram mod saying add more patience, when everything set and done there will be communication, 2 CEOs have been sacked , there is no m (...)
6 days ago
This team has been hacked three times now. After promising to take security more seriously. The latest hack drained ~$2.9M from the account, and the company is now in danger of closing down. They suppress any questions.
Borg Svenson
6 days ago
I cant fathom why a project like this has an F rating. The team is publicly doxed. They have a valid, working website. They have been Binance incubated, which means they have been vetted. They provide constant updates to their community. They ha (...)
1 week ago
Honestly, Æ coin is as advanced as the æternity blockchain -- these guys have been on the up and up lately, surviving a 51% attack some while back and still going strong in terms of development. I mean, in times of bearish markets folks look more to (...)
Professor Kingsley
1 week ago
Very powerful project. Buy the deep now
1 week ago
If your an owner of the first ever altcoin Namecoin congrats you outperformed 99% of the market. (on 16/06/2022)_____Also, Namecoin 2022 Halving is coming soon ( Sept/Oct).
1 week ago
UHIVE IS A SCAM! First of it,they WILL never unlock the tokens,IT IS VERY HARD to withdraw even the tokens u bought,and if u try to argue they will just bann you,THEY SHOULD BE REPORTED TO SEC CUZ OF SECURITY,look at the price at the app and then lo (...)
1 week ago
It's very convenient that the guys have made a mobile app! Always at hand and you can quickly buy the right coin when there is no access to the computer. The application is perfectly optimized, does not lag and allows you to solve tasks quickly.
Dirk Jan
1 week ago
This coin is 100% a scam: - They say they are build in Amsterdam, but there is no business registered with this name anywhere in the Netherlands. No address can be found anywhere! - They say the Solana foundation is in Geneva, also no business reg (...)