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4 hours ago
It is real scam, don't waste your money. I bought a lot of tokens the transaction was confirmed and my money was taken but I didn't receive my tokens, I contacted them they said wait, wait, wait and finally when I spoke about this on Twitter with evi (...)
10 hours ago
Multiple income streams. Will be the first tokenomics exchange with regulatory approval out of Gibraltar. The core development team delivers and have this far been outstanding when it comes to communication. They are in a private sale phase of their (...)
Cham Anh
16 hours ago
UQC price has been increasing quite fast in recent days which is a good sign
1 day ago
Fast & feeless, NFT, metaverse, meme coin, amazing community, top roadmap ( and always ahead of roadmap...), events, airdrops, staking..., no more words. ;)
1 day ago
2 days ago
2 days ago
scammers for me until i make the payments!
2 days ago
shit coin !
2 days ago
they don't pay. They don't realize that they were born standing with miners. they don't do the update and everything counts in place. Don't dig xno. I don't think the payments will be made. Billions of payments are waiting and when we calculate it, i (...)
2 days ago
In one word, it sucks. They can't update, I've been waiting for payment for days. When we write on their page, they just say patience? The graphics don't lie! You can't update and I think you are a scammer!
2 days ago
We haven't received our payments for days. The project completely went to shit. Don't buy xno! stay away.
2 days ago
Dont put your money! Got banned for asking about the team. TOTAL SCAM!!
Stefan H.
3 days ago
I just did a little staking to start with. Now i use the Be-Life app every time I shop on Amazon. I always shop on Amazon so this is great for me. I trade Breezecoin on both ProBit and Bitglobal. For me this is a great project and definitely not a sc (...)
3 days ago
HNC was developed back in 2015 and it's here to stay. No scam exists for 7 years.
michael h
3 days ago
real company about time. amazing blockchain offices and they actually deliver with customer service where they respond immediately thru chats and phones
Olivia Scott
4 days ago
Absolutely amazing project used their platform never had any issues first and best anonymous cross-chain bridge utility and their farms get foreign currency in through their utility really smart and sustainable project I expect a lot for many reasons (...)
4 days ago
I just wanted to say with Blockblend, everything works very well technically, they do have a white paper, a great community & their 6 different chains bridge & anonymous mixer is a great utility & a step above the competition. The farming/staking is (...)
4 days ago
The cross chain anonymous bridge works beautifully. The fees go to the generous reward pools for holders. This is a long term and sustainable rewards token with phenomenal utility.
5 days ago
Just another simple shitcoin for loosers.
5 days ago
Total money loss, very degradative.