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Diogo Cunha
13 seconds ago
Seems to have some potential. Let's see if they can take it forward.
Diogo Cunha
8 minutes ago
Great project, when with incredible future.
Diogo Cunha
9 minutes ago
Just another meme coin. Like a lottery ticket, you can try your luck but that's what it is.
Diogo Cunha
10 minutes ago
A great project and a long term hold.
Diogo Cunha
17 minutes ago
Seems solid, interesting application.
2 hours ago
capital withdrawal, if they release token sale, price will move down
Cezar Dumbrava
8 hours ago
100% not a Scam. Great teamand project, They partnered with IBM to bring a great platform for all the freelancers in the world. Low fees and fast transactions. Watch end of September for alpha release.
Radu Tiberiu
10 hours ago
Good project, good team
11 hours ago
Super cool project. Extremely high potential, suported by a great team and backed by IBM. A clear receipt for succes
14 hours ago
Good project!
19 hours ago
Great Dev Team, Great Utility, Great Community. There is a lot to like here. Honeypad is a hyper-deflationary use-case token, that rewards token holders with auto-BNB payments. The project has had multiple audits and the dev team has proved highly responsive to its community. Take time to visit their webpage to learn more about the project. I love the Honeyboard! This feature allows you to see how many $HONEY tokens you have accumulated, your Total BNB reflections, and your incoming payout! Checking for the incoming BNB can be addictive. Join the telegram and see what we're about. New bees welcome!
isoc tudor
19 hours ago
Very good project. Will definitely make a change in the future!
21 hours ago
The best project! Keep in mind Lanceria
21 hours ago
Amazing project!!
Robert RTR
21 hours ago
A legit project! Awesome community, amazing team! #lanceria the future of #freelance
Claudiu Barbu
21 hours ago
Very good project, will be huge!
21 hours ago
Definitely not a scam. They deliver a very promising project, with a huge utility. I’m sure Lanceria will become the future of freelancing. I’m in from the very beginning, they are very transparent. You can also find their profiles on facebook.
Dan Dumitrescu
21 hours ago
Lanceria together with IBM’s CEE Chief Technology Officer Martin Svik on how to reinvent the Freelancing industry together with IBM. #IBM #lanc #freelance #blockchain @awsstartups #lancerialaboratory #freelancing @lancerialabs
21 hours ago
💎Great project, amazing team💪
21 hours ago
Very good team!!!!