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Tue, Dec 5, 2023 12:00 AM

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robin osborne 8 months ago

The crypto market is likely in the first phases of a serious bull run. After the US government decided to insure everyone's deposits, I thinknit's safe to say that the crypto market is headed for a long leg upwards. Since I couldn't decide what cryptocurrency to buy, I just decided to buy Sumcoin peer to peer from someone I know so that I could get maximum exposure to the markets with minimum risk. I will then sell the coin peer to peer when I am ready to sell.
5 0

Lindsey Sczepanski 8 months ago

A lot of lies and disinformation have been spread about Sumcoin, just like any other coin. I have been able to trade my Sumcoin just fine for quite a while. I was one of the early miners back in 2019, so I have quite a substantial SUM (no pun intended).
6 0

Phillip Kothmayer 8 months ago

Love this coin. It is somewhat under the radar now, but has made some noise in the recent past. Does anyone know where I can acquire some?
7 0

Taylor Johnson 8 months ago

This coin is particularly popular in Latin America where people have an inherent lack of trust in the banking system. I hold many types of coins for the long term, such as bitcoin and ethereum, but Sumcoin is my personal favorite coin.
7 0

Kaylee Powell 8 months ago

Does anyone know where I can buy more Sumcoin? I have a few thiusand dollars worth and would like more. Anyone here have any for sale????
8 0

Douglas Appleton 8 months ago

I lvoe the fact that Totality wallet has a 24 word seed phrase instead of the standard 12 words. It takes longer to enter in the words whenever I have to re-download my wallet, but it's honestly a superior security feature versus having only 12 words.
7 0

Gina Clinton 8 months ago

Have personally dealt with the development team and learned that Ty Jacobsennis friends with Charlie Lee, the developer of Litecoin, and Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase. With these connections, there's probably good news in store for Sumcoin
9 0

Broderick Davis 8 months ago

This coin has one of the biggest market caps out there. People have been sleeping on Sumcoin for far too long.
9 0

Gretta Rooves 8 months ago

When I heard that only 100,000,000 were in circulation, I knew that I had to get ahold of as many coins as possible for the best price.
9 0

Laurie Montes 8 months ago

I have met Ty Jacobsen myself in thebpast. He told me about how he wishes people would stop complaining about the coin and how he spends over 50 hours programming per week on a lot of weeks to further develop proof of stake.
9 0
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