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Tue, Jun 6, 2023 12:50 AM

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Justin Chadwick 10 months ago

do not lose your money like i did using this service. cant be trusted
0 8

Sean Smith 10 months ago

do not trust them with your bitcoin transactions
0 6

Marilyn O'Malley 10 months ago

they are scammers. would not recommend this service.
0 5

Drayshon Harris 10 months ago

0 6

Elliot Smith 10 months ago

10/10 would recommend if you wanted to lose your money.
0 5

Shay Geiger 10 months ago

Single mother of 2 trying to make money through legitimate investments and they stole my money!
0 6

Brett Harrison 10 months ago

Scam! Customer service seemed great until they got my money and now, nobody answers.
0 5

Ryan O'Neal 10 months ago

They are a scam. I can't get my money "released" from them. Seems like they're just dodging me to prevent having to give me my funds. Would not recommend to anyone.
0 4

james 2 years ago

cant sell my sumcoins anywhere??
0 6

Dana I. 2 years ago

On the contrary, I like the idea and the fact that this coin is priced on an index off the top 100 coins prices. Love our Free Market to allow freedom to create a coin on an index making it unique and less volatile than others. It has a secure, easy to use wallet. Transactions are faster, maybe 30 seconds. No way this is a scam, we trade with it to buy things often. Billions in current Sumcoin $ value has already been mined.
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