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Thu, Mar 28, 2024 12:00 AM

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1stgen blockchain

SafeCoin leverages the most advanced safety and privacy based cryptocurrency technology available today. The project is rapidly implementing new features to make the currency more practical and user-friendly; whilst working to continually discover improvements in cryptocurrency privacy, safety, and security. SafeCoin was launch in early 2018 with a small pre-mine of four million coins and a max supply of 36 million coins. SafeCoin was launched with the Equihash algorithm, though the team are exploring other ASIC resistance options. SafeCoin was designed with security and privacy in mind.

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davina 1 month ago

In an attempt to deceive you into sending all of your hard-earned money in the hopes of making twice as much money through questionable methods, this organization will mislead you and take money out of your account before you can access it. Having fallen for their scam, I felt helpless, but Mrs. Maurice stepped in and worked their magic, helping me get my money back and my profit in a couple of days. Thanks to the information that Mrs. Maurice provided, I was also able to regain control over my account and get my hands on all that was rightfully mine. They can surely help anyone else who is in need. You can contact her via Email: maurice_anderson224@_gmail._com WhatsApp: +1 217 802 7422
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Nick liuzza 9 months ago

Safecoin is. Scam. Every review is fake. A pretty face will court you and attempt to swindle you by opening an account on Coinbase wallet as the first step. Meghanmarie Gotwalt who also Goes by Hannah is a premier scam artist Google Meghanmarie Gotwalt Stay away from this face. She uses several alises Report safecoin to the FBI if they approach you. The FBI has an open case on Safecoin and are hot in their trail
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Shaun 2 years ago

Amazing team and community. Been around since 2018 but recently adopted Solana tech early 2021. Things are starting to heat up with a development team that works non stop around the clock.
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Araviel 2 years ago

Very active community and a tons of ongoing and planned projects !
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Chris Moffat 2 years ago

SafeCoin has been around since early 2018, been through bull and bear markets, and is still pushing development out like crazy. Community project decentralizing the Solana technology.
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FrankenSense 2 years ago

Amazing coin with a great community. It’s one of the only community based Solana forks. Worth keeping an eye on this one. 65,000 + TPS. Under 1 second transaction finality. Affordable entry to running a Validator. Also this coin is NOT a part of MaidSafe etc.
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Jeremiah England 3 years ago

There has been some concern around the internet that MaidSafe, the group behind the SAFE Network software, has promised impossible deliverables or have at least not proven the competency to carry out what they have promised. See, for example, this Hacker News thread[0], this conversation on the r/crypto subreddit[1], or this blog post[2]. [0] [1] [2]
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