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Thu, Mar 28, 2024 12:00 AM

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Velas AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is a new AI-operated dPoS (delegated proof of stake) blockchain project and an ecosystem on which one can build AI projects, dApps, smart contracts, etc. It is founded by the CEO of the world’s first and biggest altcoin payment processor platform from 2013 – – Alex Alexandrov. Coinpayments created a CPS coin to provide its active merchants and users of 3'000 000 000 a discount token for transactions and fees, and earn staking rewards vaulting their CPS coin. The development of Velas rooted from CPS, as the founders saw an opportunity to create an own proprietary AI enhanced Blockhain and consensus protocol, rather than using a third party solution which still has flaws. Development of Velas started 2 years ago. Coinpayments Coin to Velas coin (VLX) was done via Coinpayments platform on the 4th of July 2019 and will mark the day of Velas independence from original token. This will also launch first Stage described in Technical Paper. The purpose of Velas is to address and fix existing issues and challenges faced by most existing Blockchains, like centralization, 51% attack, nothing at stake problem, scalability, security, high upfront expenses, etc. It does so by using neural networks optimized by artificial intuition to enhance its consensus algorithm.

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Igi 3 weeks ago

Is a scam , the proyect fee is 0.00001 they say but in any exchange is 75 velas fee
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Jee 9 months ago

One of the best project I am holding. Velas, the fastest EVM blockchain with over 50,000 TPS and the lowest fees.
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Doggecoiner 9 months ago

Top EVM blockchain. Velas is going to shine on next bullrun, fast and cheap.
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CK 9 months ago

Velas is a reliable project. Team is not anonymous , we know the team , their base , mission and vision. Velas is here for many years with strong partnerts.
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Owen Tan 2 years ago

My mom just recently got scammed, i dont know anything about this but according to what she said, she got scammed by "VELAS PAD" to handing over the controls over her wallet. She was worried at first, she even mentioned it in the "chat" and the people there reassured her its ok. Immediately after handing over controls, she was kicked out of the "group" and all of her money was taken. I highly advise to stay away
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Rodrigo Fernandes 2 years ago

Very complete website, excellent transaction speed, minimal fees, even BSC loses in fees, amazing app. It's been 2 years, let's go Velas, thanks for the services
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