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Fri, Mar 29, 2024 3:00 AM

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Launched on December 2, 2019 by Richard Heart and team, HEX is the first certificate of deposit on the blockchain, essentially time deposits that gain interest, HEX is an ERC20 Token that runs over the Ethereum network

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vats 2 months ago

It’s a heartbreaking experience to face such financial loss, but I’ve decided to take it as an opportunity to learn and warn others about the risks of investing without proper knowledge. That’s why I want to share my story with you.⁣
Protect yourself from these kinds of scams by researching the platform before investing, and only using trustworthy sources. #InvestSafely I received help through
Fusionforensics. tech
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Scot Vanderpool 2 years ago

HEX is an incredible finished product!!! Development is complete and it's been working flawlessly since 2019! No more giving your crypto to a third party to earn yield!!! Deserves an A+ rating. The safest most secure passive income ever!
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Ro 2 years ago

The fact that so many called this a scam because they couldn't make money out of it , couldn't understand it or didn't like the fact that it discussed price appreciation as one of its features means it has been the best keep secret on crypto for 2 years . Hex saves you from your own paper hands RH is loved by anyone who owns Hex and hated by those who don't and want their crypto founders to be wrapped in a sheet , humble and Gandi like ... Richard is in your face and not ashamed of his own success if you don't like him the fact that he's always right on all things crypto must be infuriating .
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HexOrca 2 years ago

Hex achieves the ideal monetization of the time value of money. The smart contract is immutable, and it has undergone 2 security audits as well as an economics audit. It is secure. Trustless. Environmentally sustainable. Valuable.
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ROM_OVERRIDE 2 years ago

Amazing product. Game theory never seen before. All the haters have been rekt over the last two years. First 10.000x done, the next are coming soon. Buckle up. (no, I'm not a moonboi)
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Sloppy bobs 2 years ago

I've been in hex for a long time and I'm staked for a long time. The community is very strong and so is the finished product that is hex.
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Red Candlez 2 years ago

Hex is the only coin that I have never lost money on. Hex has taught me how to stop trading and learn how to hold. Hex has an awesome community full of knowledge. I have never felt more safe with my money in hex. I now feel as I am not gambling but truly investing in a finished product not some hope coin.
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CryptoVet 2 years ago

HEX is going to replace BITCOIN as the worlds most advanced digital store of value because (unlike BTC) it pays ~37% APY to the holder when staked. It is FINISHED code..... it is an immutable smart contract that has been deployed to the blockchain and DOES NOT require a 'project team' to maintain it. IT IS NOT A PROMISE COIN. Stake from 1 - 5555 days. Bigger and longer stakes pay better when they mature. simple. HEX is gatekept from the sheep on ranking sites and social media because it destroys the revenue model of centralized exchanges, coin ranking site funnels and YouTube pay-per-shill influencers. You have been lied to.
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Leo Flores 3 years ago

Absolutety Not, I bought i big bag in the begging and sold 50% when it trippled. Afterwards it never dipped back an that got me on a journey that i most likely will continiue on for the rest of my life. Richard Heart is a special kind of ego, and if you have a healthy relationship to your own he's would not be a problem (he has banned me twice o twitter). Even if he think he knows it all. Now Trustless interest should be on everybody minds right now, for what i know HEX is the only one providing that ATM, please correct me if im wrong. https://hex.com/scam/hex-scam.pdf
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Zone of resting cartilage 2 years ago

Per-fect! Richard Heart is a man who does his best to improve the world. He explains why hex is superior to everything else (check out his YouTube channel). He warns everyone for other scams. If you call hex a scam, you literally do not understand markets and I would highly discourage you to trade stocks/cryptocurrencies.
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