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Clear and simple data that cuts through the hype and the noise to provide you with the information you need to determine that safety of a project.
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Measuring the top 250 Cryptocurrencies

  • 11.21% Moon Coins
  • 43.97% Amazing Coins
  • 16.38% Good Coins
  • 7.76% Meh Coins
  • 14.66% Shit Coins
  • 17.24% Scam Coins

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Review the best and the worst of the cryptocurrency projects.

Peter Tatar
3 seconds ago
A scam from a mile away. The game changers BNB instead of skill for every battle, no point of having stamina or skill. In other words you give them a highly coin in exchange for permission to battle and earn 1/10 back in skill. Throw it away!
Is CryptoBlades a scam?

Market Safety Index

Below represents the average safety score of all active cryptocurrency projects on isthiscoinascam.com
Overall Safety Score

Measuring the top 25 Cryptocurrencies

Sat, Oct 16, 2021 10:45 PM

Score 7.12
Rating Very Good
Red Flags 2