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Fri, Mar 29, 2024 10:45 AM

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Token backed by real assets, with the daily income payment in Bitcoin (BTC) to its owner. Each GMT is backed by an actual unit of computing power of 0,001177TH/s via SHA-256 protocol. By purchasing 1GMT, you acquire 0,001177TH/s of actual computing power of our fleet of devices that are already mining BTC, enabling you daily mining income. Unlike the equipment, the token is a highly liquid asset. Its sale takes only a few minutes and at the same time it is not subject to wear and tear and does not require additional investment. The release of tokens is carried out via smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain platform. During the first year after the release of the token, we plan to bring the average energy efficiency of our equipment to 50 W / TH with a total capacity of 200 MW. This will correspond to 4,000,000,000 tokens .Linking to the real indicators of equipment and their value completely protects the token from falling to negative values for the investor, since the value of the token cannot be lower than the cost of the equipment it is backed within addition to the available tools, our company will act as market makers of the token independently and maintain its value protecting investors. The management of this large-scale infrastructure is ensured by creating its own ecosystem, which includes a full cycle of competencies necessary to ensure a high level of project implementation in the crypto-sphere.

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Maxi 5 months ago

A wonderful project. A great alternative to real btc mining. I buy oil and watch. The company solves all issues by itself. The money is transferred to the wallet automatically.
1 1

Then Nyen Fui 5 months ago

The best project, 3 years of no cheating, everything is simple and clear, you buy NFT and get BTC!
2 0

Nikos Papadopoulos 8 months ago

I commend this project for its transparency. They released a newly updated tokenomics recently, and its transparency in operations improved even more. We are talking about one very interesting project. A combination of real and virtual mining of Bitcoin. It is real, because the company is already running physical mining servers, and it is virtual because they offer to you to invest and gain a share of the mined Bitcoin. Quite a unique and innovative solution. I will continue to watch closely these guys. It is still in an early stage for me to invest now, I would wait for 50 mil cap.
2 0

Connor Davies 8 months ago

In reality this company is more than advanced as to me. You know, when you have an opportunity to make real money by investing not very huge sums, it's always captivating. Plus, all these discounts on electricity fees, cutting-edge personal area and the marketplace with dozens of nft collections are admirable. At the same time, I can't understand why the company continues making updates, creating new "tokenomics" knowing that the majority of people around this sphere are true lammers. They demand more straightforward instruction on how to commence, what to buy and where to get money. Yeah they do offer some manuals of how the whole business is arranged, but it anyway may seem meaningless. Fortunately, there are Medium articles. They clarify something a little bit.
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KacperCole 8 months ago

Gomining tokens actually can be used in two different ways. 1. It can be used as a payment currency for your Gomining NFT collection maintenance fees. This way you will have a discount of 10%. 2. You can stake them in the veGomining. But this plan definitely not for crypto newbies.
2 0

Mary wilson 9 months ago

Be guirded guys, i lost my crypto and i dont know how they were able to get into my wallet even when my secret phase are keep private. But am happy Marketpeace net was able to help me out with my refunds.
1 2

Iker Alvarez 9 months ago

GoMining became quite transparent guys for me recently. I imply their business model of course. I understood what is their personal interest and how they help folks to get closer to their dreams. But, fo you know how much time I required to finally get it? A lot, pals... A lot... So, that's the primary drawback of this company. Initially, their concept is unclear at all even despite the fact the information on the website is provided with one-syllable words. I believe their must simplify the overall mechanism to make it way clearer to those entering this sphere for the first time. However, as I said, the idea is almost flawless and lucrative.
2 0

Baktiadi 9 months ago

Don’t know much about the coin but I am in love with the project. GoMining is making Bitcoin mining available to everyone. This is a pretty new and unique concept, so things are not easy to understand quickly. Basically, you need to invest in buying and holding a piece of their NFT collection which will bring you mining rewards. The coin is only a payment tool in this project, not the main star 🙂
2 0

Kian Cox 9 months ago

I am not that satisfied by the Gomining website to be quite fair with you. I think that they could do better with it since it’s a very challenging sphere, especially for beginners like myself. I do like the concept of locking certain NFTs to get the access to the bitcoin hashrate. At least everything in this company makes sense and I totally understand where the yield comes from. It’s a good way to invest in the crypto industry with limited funds.
2 0

Mikael Bozo 1 year ago

I own GMT tokens since a full year. i receive my daily rewards dince then with no errors no missing day. communication is really good through telegram or Twitter. best way to invest in bitcoin mining without invest in computers etc. surely under rated
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