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Sun, Sep 24, 2023 1:30 AM

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2ndgen blockchain

What is Tron? Tron's mission is to build a truly decentralized internet and aims to be the largest blockchain-based operating system in the world, known as the TRON protocol. The TRON protocol will offer high scalability, high availability, and high throughput computing to serve decentralized applications via smart contracts. Ethereum EVM-based smart contracts will be compatible and deployable on the TRON network as such Solidity developers do not have to rewrite their applications. Why Tron? Since TRON protocol does not rely on proof of work or mining, instead governed by nodes located around the world, it is decentralized while providing high throughput for transactions on the blockchain. This is suitable for dapps that require high speed transactions especially games. There are a number of tokens already issued on the TRON network and the decentralized exchanges has launched. On July 24th 2018, TRON acquired BitTorrent, one of the largest P2P file sharing protocol. As a result of the acquisition, BitTorrent Token (BTT) was launched as the cryptocurrency to power the economics on the BitTorrent network. The Token will be used to inceltivize file sharing and storage within the network.

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viceent anami 2 days ago

It’s is fraud company Don't Use Because if You Doing Option trading When Big Move Comes Its Hanged. And Also Out-of-the-money (OTM) options All thanks to Clearly shouldn't be doing business with this lot, you should know the outcome from all the reviews on here and other places. It takes the involvement of marketpeace, to rid you of this lot. Not an advice but do with this info what you will. you can as well reah. out to jeff via his address jeffsilbert 39 g mail com
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Mary wilson 1 week ago

Be guirded guys, i lost my crypto and i dont know how they were able to get into my wallet even when my secret phase are keep private. But am happy Marketpeace net was able to help me out with my refunds.
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Dorothy Booker 5 months ago

An ample mount of fake bitcoin mining/clouding out there, lost my money with 3 seperate scam crypto investment companies and I can tell its not a great experience. I was In a state of shock and confusion when I was introduced to this company who retrieved all my coins for me . Ever since I made this horrible mistake, I took it upon myself to ensure that every victim of crypto fraud gets back their stolen funds, it’s the least I can do. Please reach out to Geminihacks -.- com to get help strongly recommend this service.
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SWE 1 year ago

Need actual project build on the Tron network. If not, any review will be fake!
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Dukun 1 year ago

Top lah
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🐒小猴子 5 years ago

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Praxis 5 years ago

Pointless overvalued coin. Not directly a scam, but garbage nevertheless.
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?小猴子 5 years ago

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Daniel Salloi 4 years ago

Passionate but overwhelming leader in form of Justin Sun. Too much shilling and false partnerships. Interesting with the BitTorrent launch and close partnership with Binance. Working product - but nothing that will revolutionize anything.
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