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Fri, Oct 7, 2022 4:23 AM

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Roger 1 year ago

Outrageous fees compared to competitors, manipulated coin, terrible customer service taking weeks to respond. Just look elsewhere.
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Michaël Jean-Pierre Thibaut 1 year ago

De loin le projet le plus complet pour acheter des cryptos et pour farmer ses assets
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Tc 1 year ago

SwissBorg is not a coin, it’s not an exchange. It’s a platform (in the form of an App to be accurate, because the community voted for an App and SwissBorg’s team respects their users). They are using the CHSB token that they created as a utility token. In my personal experience their customer service responded to my request once within an hour and another time within 15minutes. I have sent funds through a bank account multiple time (>10 times) using instant transfer and it took seconds, and I sent from different exchanges and wallets (Binance, Poloniex, kraken, MetaMask) and it worked every time within a minute or so. Their fees are normal, even with 0 fee as a premium user in some cases (for BTC for instance), they allow yield an many different assets (BTC ETH XRP BNB USDC USDT for now) at the click of a button. Amazing UX/UI. They always deliver what’s on the roadmap (and yes sometimes they take the time to polish the product and utilities). Huge roadmap with IFO launchpad to come, bitfinex listing that should active anytime soon. It’s now one of the only app I use after testing a lot si ce 2017. These guys are the future. Highly recommend
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DerParsel 1 year ago

I already invested during ICO and got very sceptical, but they delivered a polished and we'll working service. I deposited and withdrew a significant number of fiat and cryptos without issues. Swissborg isn't a scam, everyone out there claiming something else is spreading lies and FUD.
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YM 1 year ago

No scam, they are working greatly! I hope they will continue to add new coins and yields! Btw yields are amazing with premium account...15%+ Referral code: DO36NAI (free CHSB even more than 600 just playing on the community app) Referral code:
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Too good to be true? 1 year ago

I have tried to post a (fairly constructive) comment under this video a few hours after its release: (PowWow #07/50) "Hello Swissborg team, thank you for your spirited work! My 2 cents below: - If you truly seek to democratise finance, you may also want to provide a discount on fees for the very little guys, let's say those who are less than USD 100 total assets on the app. >> new markets - Community Premium should be dynamic, either by pegging it to CHF 1000 or to the financial, structural needs. - I am afraid that the the 0% + 0 5% fees premium was a key service. It attracts big wallets and incentives smaller ones. Are you sure this is the right move to get rid of it all together? Keep it up!" The announcement they make in this video is pretty huge (no more regular premium accounts), and is likely to have significant impact on their business imo; my comment only seemed fair and balanced under the circumstances (you tell me). However, the comment got deleted over and over (tried at least ten times in different turns of phrase [thinking the censorship might come from YT algorithm at first], then posted something totally neutral and this one remained. This is censorship. It appears that there is a very strong moderation / censorship to keep a beautiful facade; it's made me increasingly suspicious on what lies behind it. Why can't you handle critics if your product is truly good?
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Lolofed3 1 year ago

3 weeks i am waiting for my first deposit too appair on my account. I hav send a few hundred euros. No anwser when i claim my money. SCAM !!!
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Jo 1 year ago

1st swissborg is not a coin its a buying platform, chsb is the coin of swissborg so this review is inaccurate. 2nd updates should be uploaded as this is quite old info and a lot of things occured since this review was published.
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LEO 1 year ago

2 weeks!!! Still waiting for my deposit to appear on Swissborg account. Like many others... SCAMMERSSS!! NO RESPOND NO NOTHING,,,
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John smith 1 year ago

No reply to my emails regarding them releasing my hard earned cash. This is actually ridiculous, they dumped their coin on me, massive market manipulation plus the money I sent to them has been on hold till im verified, which they don't reply. They are incredibly understaffed and can't cope with customers money queries even though their coin pumped, so they have money for staff but running their reputation into the ground. I'm gutted. Let me spend my money or hurry up with my "QUICK" VERIFICATION, as you say. Your costing my family and children money. Unprofessional outfit. Avoid.
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