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Sat, Jun 10, 2023 3:49 AM

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The Substratum Network will bring the decentralized web worldwide without the need of special software for the average internet user

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  • Sharing Economy
  • Ethereum Ecosystem
  • Distributed Computing
  • Decentralized Internet
  • Internet Of Things (iot)
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Michael 3 years ago

This project has taken a lot of heat for really odd things over the last 6-12 months, but in reality, if you look at their code on their GitHub repository (missing from this page at the time of review) the Substratum team has been one of the more active projects within the space. There is a very active beta group that is working to iron out all of the bugs and launch the MVP and network; it appears from those users that we can see this process complete towards the second half of 2019. Without question, the biggest knock against this project has been their messaging. A development project that is this large and ambitious should never have been promised as early as the team did early on in the lifespan. That falls directly on their CEO and marketing team. They let out of context aspects of their business operations and development process snowball on Twitter & Reddit and ended up validating issues by choosing to respond late and selectively to "issues". The whole thing felt reactionary. Again, more of a knock against their CEO than of the tech. The reality is that when you drown out the noise and drama around this project, the tech is surprisingly strong. Give this project an objective review of their tech and you will be pleasantly surprised with how well things work, how close they are to releasing their MVP, and the potential of what is to come.
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