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Sat, Jun 25, 2022 4:10 AM

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Emilian Sava 4 years ago

This is NOT a SCAM coin! I really love this coin for so many reasons that the list can be made very long. It's a really good investment and im happy with everything about it. It had it's ups and downs but its definitly a keeper for longterm. Everyone is very helpfull and there is a lot of information about it everywhere. This coin has come to stay and im so happy to be in it from start.
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Marco Milito 4 years ago

i bought at 40$ and now is 1$! you are lier and stolen my money! you are scammers as your old coin signatum!
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therealone 4 years ago

Stay away from staks! Its a scam! Devs are the same of signatum scam!!! from github Signatum Team Skankhunt42, The Doctor, Cryptovore, Kahir, SonnyDaytona, Eikcam, Kasper, Squbs, Flydancer, James Weir, John_Smith, PROXIMUS, SlowGrowth, Wedlock, Eskodhi, and Itamar STRAKS Foundation Team Squbs ( - Lead Developer & Business Development Cryptovore ( - Lead Marketing & PR, Business Development Ekam ( - Lead Developer & Business Development John Smith ( - Marketing & PR, Business Development Kasper ( - Developer, Marketing & PR Bruno ( - Developer Andrew ( - Developer Flydancer ( - Developer Proximus ( - Marketing & PR
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Cryptotheo 4 years ago

It is a very powerful project with a lot of potential. This currency has the best tech, a solid team of developers who have been consistent throughout the process of building and developing the project. There is a strong community behind it and solid chances for a long-term commercial success. No.1 coin in my book.
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Davethehedgehog 4 years ago

I've been around this project since day one. The team on this project have been clear, concise and honest. Sometimes the decisions don't always go the way you want, but the decisions they've made have been proven to be good for the voice and it has a bright future. Trading and working with straks is easy and VERY fast. I'm looking forward to the future development and, given their track record, I've nothing but confidence that the strals team will deliver.
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cryptoguru 4 years ago

do not believe the positive comments because they are written by the devs and their friends!
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Satoshi2018 4 years ago

devs have already stolen my money with signatum and now they did it with strack!!! Dont mine and buy straks! They are disonest!
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Kamil 4 years ago

New, fresh and interesting project. As I see below there is a big misunderstanding about relation between Straks and Signatum. Let's explain: people had Signatum, got scammed by 2 main devs (Doctor and Skankhunt) which left project quietly. Rest of team hadn't enough permissions to develop Signatum (private keys, access to website etc.) so decided to make a new coin. They oferred "swap" for people who had Sgnatum to not left them with "scammed coin". Most of negative comments are by bitcointalk user "icedevil" (or/and his friends) which has a problem with using his brain and trolls/spam all the time on that thread. Several people joined the new project. There is clear roadmap and bi-weekly announcements. Contact with devs is good (Discord). Straks is currently on few smaller exchanges and will be listed on HitBTC in the near future.
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sleipn1r 4 years ago

Awesome project, Devs friendly and welcoming and always around to help out. It was great to be finally free of that shitcoin Signatum, and the Devs of Straks have kept solid to their word, and met every swap payout to date, on time, and without issues. They continue to push updates, and exchange listings, and communicate transparently with the community who are very friendly and supportive. It would appear that the Devs and community, since the Signatum scam by Doc and Skankhunt, have become far more united and determined to deliver a genuine, and well organised project. To note. This page was setup unfortunately by "therealone/icedevil" who continue's to shill and pump the dead coin signatum, in an effort to dump what he has, as sadly he missed the swap by one day, and because the devs would not allow him to swap after the deadline (this would of opened the flood gates for many more) he now accuses them of scamming him, however has absolutely no substantial evidence. My guess is the guy is seriously unhinged to devote so much time, lies and effort to get back at the devs for not allowing him to swap, after it was his own fault he missed the deadline. Spoilt brat. left a little attachement of this fool trying to shill revive scamcoin Signatum, the reddit was subsoquently closed by reddit mods, as it was just filled with pure lies of Doc returning, and shill moon talk on a dead coin.
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Judyta Wiƛniewska 4 years ago

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