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Sun, May 15, 2022 6:36 AM

Rating E
Market Cap $64,293,510.34
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24hr Volume $275,552.47
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Ayush Rawat 1 month ago

The hype is getting bigger ! This is a great project. looking forward to the future.
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tomivajda 4 months ago

Revolutionary technology. My favorite crypto.
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Oguys 4 months ago

It's a huge game-changer!!!
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T P 4 months ago

This project is very promising with its all aspect. The team delivers each project plan and items on time. Check the details:
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M 4 months ago

The project is outstanding. It's a real game-changer. Just to name a few features: multi-language smart contracts, quantum-resistant security, 'mining' or validation with a Raspberry Pi or mobile phone, own Proof-of-Randomness consensus algorithm, and many more. The testnet is coming out in 2021, Q4. I can't wait to try it. The team always delivers, so I'm hopeful and I'm sure this project will be in top 10 pretty soon.
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Nemke 5 months ago

It's still in the early stage. Testnet should be launched before EOY, but for now, everything seems perfect. As any other Layer1 in the early stage is good to buy IMO. But if they really put all things together this could be a huge projcet. Besides it being quantum-resistant, it is also a hybrid blockchain that will be one of the faster, but it will be decentralized. Rewarding devs for reusing codes is a mind-blowing same as fixed fees in USD.
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Bharadwaj Hari 5 months ago

This is one of the essentials in crypto right now. Evolution is inevitable and Quantum resistant smart contracts are the next stage of evolution in crypto as well. EVM compatible, gas prices pegged to USD and actual dev incentives are some of the base features of QAN. Adoption is absolute and just an eventuality. Once bitten, twice shy... never missing out on another obvious train again.. QANX is my biggest bag right now and will keep adding at multiple entries too!
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