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Mon, May 16, 2022 6:25 AM

Rating E
Market Cap $84,430.9
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Bitboy 1 year ago

The only thing that is a disgrace is Ian Worrall, a lot of people got burnt by this scammer and not just with MyBit but previous scam projects. He's a well known scammer in the industry, his current 'new' scam projects are, and You have been warned.
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Ian Michael 1 year ago

MyBit was migrated to be governed by the community (decentralised governance) via an Aragon based DAO in september 2019, which was the clear plan since project inception. This is how dapps must function, if they rely on a centralised team/individuals/company it defeats the point of decentralisation. Additionally, the foundation ran into continuous issues banking in switzerland (as was the case with nearly all smaller ico companies - the large ones got to do whatever they wanted with $100s of millions while smaller company accounts were frozen, seized, or if lucky just closed down). Therefore all the funding was held in ETH even though salaries and liabilities were denominated in fiat. When the market crashed over 80% of our seed funding disappeared. The Series A was also planned well in advance for this period and then when the crash happened we were unable to close the round successfully. Was the project a success, sadly no. However, calling the project a scam is a disgrace to the countless people, employees, and community members who actively put in effort every day.
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FiengoldJeff 1 year ago

Latest scams from Ian worrall - altminer247 and tokenweb BEWARE he's still scamming people,
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Jay 3 years ago

Warning scam, CEO is life long scammer with several companies. Ian Worrall Worall
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nomad_Island 2 years ago

Scam, Ian Worrall is a known scammer in Switzerland.
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cinnamon_carter 2 years ago

The same Ian Worrall from the Sembro development exit scam.
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Eric 2 years ago

Team is working hard on the project, market going back up so will the prices of Alts.
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zdoge 2 years ago

Ian is gone, the dao(peoples vote) will replace him! The project is still alive with awesome developments, price is very low at this stage but this doesnt matter at this stage.. Myb survived, and everyone who knows the vision of myb knows that this project will go off! Withouth Mr. Scam Worral
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Brain_fairy 2 years ago

MyBit has a lot of good products developed, the team has been working very hard for the past 2 years- comments saying MyBit is a scam is simply not true. DYOR
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Strong_Hands 2 years ago

Not a scam! Dedicated team, emerging technologies, and a strong core group of followers. These bad reviews are from people who are upset that the market hasn't recognized Mybit's achievements. While I can't say it is a guarantee everything will work out. It's definitely the investment/gamble of a lifetime.
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