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Thu, Dec 8, 2022 8:50 AM

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Jinsesunwukong 8 months ago

After almost 8 months, things have not improved with this token/project. Project team profile, whitepaper update, clear tokenomics, case use, etc. all still missing. Recent (Jan 2022) roadmap revision targets being missed. Since July, one AMA was held on the old Telegram group with an anonymous "admin" of the chat one directly working on the project or related to the project team. Issues with both mobile wallet and web wallet remain unresolved. Many on the new Discord server state issues with tokens disappearing, unable to withdraw tokens and/or token deposits not registering. Support is no where to be found.
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@Crypto_Lodge 1 year ago

I would give ZERO stars if I could. Pre-sale investors couldn't access their tokens until the price dumped 84%. That was just the start. On April 2nd, Atari Token team burned 5 BILLION tokens (74% of the entire supply) without warning, without explanation and AGAINST their own burn policy and, naturally, the price went up almost 300% in 2 days (that's what happens when you reduce supply by 74%) ... THEN the largest ATRI wallets started dumping their tokens like CRAZY. On top of all that, people's coins disappear from their Atari Wallet all the time. Transfers get lost and it takes over 6 months for Atari Token team to rectify the mistake. Their "DEX" (which shouldn't be called a DEX because it's centralized) has been overcharging people dramatically (some people paying up to $0.80 per token) and the team says it's "an issue we're looking into" .. Worst of all, anyone who brings up any FACTS about Atari Token's red flags? They get banned from the Telegram. A few people were banned just for asking where the team wallets are located (because investors want to know if it was the team wallets that dumped after the burn). There's zero transparency, suspicious behavior, crazy censorship on the official Telegram, no development and hostile moderators. In my opinion this project could be a scam, and anyone still holding is about to see a 74% price drop after the token swap (when they magically bring back the 5B burned tokens).. Just my 2 sats.
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Ken 1 year ago

Was in Atari’s community since March of this year. At the time, ATRI looked like a great opportunity. However, we experienced bugs. This was expected of a new company but the administration kept blaming us for depositing our money in their “Beta wallet” when there was nothing beta about it. No deliberate BETA WALLET notice was presented. Fine, ok so it’s Beta, but Atari did not pull it from the public use. People deposited money and didn’t see it show up for 3-6 months!!!! Here’s the juicy part. During that time, Atari BURNED 5 BILLION of their tokens (against their burn policy). We saw a dramatic rise in price which was short lived. The whales sold their ATRI and got out. The reason for the burn was allegedly claimed to make a new token. This would put the current investors at risk (who already got rug pulled on) since the minting of 5 BILLION NEW TOKENS would make the new token WORTHLESS. I was duped to follow a brand name I thought I trusted, but was misguided and taken advantage of for that trust. Whatever you do, don’t buy fucking ATRI. The admins ban ANYONE who tries to show what happened. They are trying to cover it up and sweep it under the rug… see what I did there? 😜
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bettercoins 1 year ago

I give $ATRI zero stars (if I can) .. #1: First of a pre-sale buyers got screwed over right from the gate. Atarichain didn't unlock their tokens for sale until the price crashed over 80%. So by the time pre-sale investors were able to custody their $ATRI, they were down 84%.. #2: On April 2nd, 2021 Atarichain burned FIVE BILLION $ATRI tokens (74% of total supply) AGAINST THEIR OWN BURN POLICY and, naturally, the price skyrocketed almost 300% in less than 2 days because that's what happens when you burn 74% of any token's supply. #3: Immediately after the unexpected 74% supply burn, the largest $ATRI wallets began dumping like CRAZY. The Telegram community grew suspicious and started asking questions like "what's the location of the team wallets". The moderators delete those questions and ban ANYONE who discusses any of this. I was banned for asking about team wallets.. If they had nothing to hide, they would just tell their token holders where the team wallets are. What have they got to worry about if it wasn't the team dumping? #4: Zero use-cases. The ONLY use-case is the casino where 99% of players use MANA, not ATRI. They had the same two boring games forever and I don't see any indication they plan on adding more. #5: Their "DEX" which is not a DEX. DEX's are decentralized and is fully centralized. There's report after report that this DEX has been ripping people off, some users showing their etherscan links that show they paid 5x the market price for each token. They were angry, naturally, but when they began posting their eitherscan links the comments got deleted and the users were banned. #5 is a joke. You can pre-purchase FUTURE tokens (at current market price) for a 10% reward if you wait 12 months. The tokens are going to be worthless by the time they receive them. #6: Fred Chesnais said in an AMA that Atari owns 50% of Atarichain and ICICB owns the other 50% -- this is not true. Fred licensed the name 'Atari' and is allowed to use it (for now) -- but Atari has nothing to do with the project. In fact, the Atari twitter as well as the Atari VCS twitter accounts NEVER talk about the token. I wonder why? Soon after things started to get crazy, Fred stepped down as CEO of Atari. In my opinion, he was forced to step down due to the actions of the Atarichain project. Anyone talking about any of this in the atari token telegram gets banned. If you're a new user and read chat history it looks like nothing is wrong because they delete all messages that refer to the points made above. After the upcoming token swap, 5B tokens will be added back into supply and the opposite effect will happen. $ATRI will LOSE about 74% of its value, and it is already in the dirt thanks to the constant selling of massive 'alleged' team wallets. Atari: If you have nothing to hide, where's the team wallets? Sincerely, Someone who got burned by Atari Token
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jinsesunwukong 1 year ago

Purchase ATRI Tokens 3 weeks ago. The tokens do not show in the wallet but can be found on Etherscan. ATRI has not acknowledged any of the 6 emails nor have the been able to give an update on their discord group.....only that they will look into in the coming days. Would recommend staying away from this one.....
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