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Mon, May 23, 2022 6:59 AM

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newmoon 5 months ago

This nothing more than another staking platform. The cloud computing they promise is non-existant.
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smith121 6 months ago

ANKR is Definitely A SCAM! 1. Staking ETH2 does not work. 2. They promised open source software, but never happens. (they did open source some total unrelated code). They have no software development team at all, only outsource some work. 3. They just use AMAZON Cloud to pretend decentralized services. 4. Promised a mainnet chain, never delivered. 5. Promised using 40% of tokens on mining, but put these tokens in their own pockets, because they don't even have a chain to mine the tokens. They continue to say great new things are coming soon, but never never deliver. THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!
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Lexia 11 months ago

No, it is not. The team behind is a very knowledgeable team with years of experience in DeFi and crypto space, they are growing as we speak. We should not think of the price when talking about Ankr but about the infrastructure behind it.
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Marcin 11 months ago

Probably not, but I've felt uncomfortable with them and withdrawn. I've staked some ETH for 2.0 as fETH without doing much research (my bad) as company seemed legit (SV, VC-backed, audited). First problem I've noticed is that audit report doesn't fully cover the service (only the initial stkr and aETH were audited), while I was using fETH. Upgrades are not audited as well. Strange accounts with crazy and overflow amount of tokens, that required mechanisms of manual overrides of shares from their admin. Commits to github Ankr sktr contract repository that was as pile of bug fixes until it was made private (probably to hide the mess). Not so awesome business model, IMHO. ETH2 alone, assuming $1B (10x of current) of staked money and 6% APY (and it will get only lower as participation increases) and 10% cut, they'd be getting: ~$6M in income yearly (doubt that covers operating expenses). Minting ANKR coin that does who knows what is another part and feels like a scam (like most ICOs). No confidence. I feel they may rug pull or get hacked. I've withdrawn my money the same day they've added liquidity pools.
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Sal Bnejamin 1 year ago

This is a really good project, it was made to take ignorant noobs's hard earned money, people don't go beyond a project's website. ANKR's products do not work, there's huge market manipulation, one wallet owns over a billion worth of tokens, I wouldn't feel bad for you if you lost your money on this shit coin, people forget how esy it is to be listed on coinbase
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Roy 1 year ago

Yes, I would say Ankr is a scam. Their flagship product, staking ETH2, does not work. They are evasive when you ask why, and try to string you along. They continue to say great new things are coming, but never deliver. Before you EVER think of using them, ask them what the written procedure is for getting a refund if it doesn't work. Hint: they don't have one. Look for a rug pull from these guys. Stay away!
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Travis 1 year ago

Ankr might think its a legitimate company but their services equate to fraud, so yes they are a scam. I paid for service and when it didn't work i cancelled and asked for refund. I have yet to hear one word from support in over a month, THE ONLY THING THEY DID WAS TAKE MY MONEY. No other services or engagement has occurred.
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