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Sat, Jun 25, 2022 5:02 AM

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Bill M. 2 years ago

Ordered a sentinel ... arrived dead ... asked for replacement or money back ... didn't get either! ... I don't trust this company at all now.
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bitwheeler 2 years ago

The founder of XY company - Arie Trouw owes the IRS/State one million in back taxes and just moved into a $7,000 month apartment in downtown San Diego by the waterfront. He has a history of distributing malware onto unsuspecting users computers. The full documentation can be found here: https://blockmizer.tumblr.com/post/174348564840/xyo-network-due-diligence-read-before-investing
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lk 2 years ago

I have been collecting XYO tokens using a sentinel and my cellphone for about 3 months now. It is a great way for someone to get experience with cryptocurrency! I've earned about 40000 XYO in that time. I tend to geomine using the coin app only during the night time while the phone is charging, as the app tends to drain ones cellphone battery within a few hours. Without the sentinel (which is a small plastic electronic thing) your earnings will be very low. The XYO company is offering a free sentinel as i write this, as they wish to expand their network. You only have to pay the shipping which is a great value! When i bought my sentinel, i bought it off a european seller and it cost me about $US25, so by offering a free sentinel (you only have to pay the shipping), this is a huge good faith move on behalf of the Company and it clearly shows their plans for expansion! Right now, there are approx 70,000 people worldwide and obviously they want to expand their network. The sentinel connects with bluetooth to your cellphone to verify location data, and the whole idea is to provide more accurate location data than gps which is innacurate and expensive. What i really like is you get paid to provide accurate location data!! What a great idea! You can also rent your geospace (the area where you are situated) to others, and you get a percentage of their earnings when they enter your space!, I think this also is a very neat idea! Kind of like on a Monopoly board!! -D Someone lands on your space and they pay you rent! I can imagine when this whole XYO thing really saturates around the world, this is the obvious aim of the company, and i am glad to be part of it. It is only the beginning! The coins are worth very little right now, but remember when bitcoin also was worth very little!!?? Now , $9000 EACH! -D Bottom line; i highly recommend getting involved with this!! You can start by downloading the COIN app for free https://coin.onelink.me/ePJg/3183617e I read the company is offering an instant airdrop of 1000 XYO (as of the time of this writing Oct 30 2019) to anybody who downloads and installs the app. I think that's very neat also!! You will need to collect 10000 XYO tokens before you can transfer them to an ERC20 wallet, i use metamask which is a wallet integrated with Firefox. Also free. And it works great! I also suggest to not sell your tokens, just hold them!, as this network is building right now! I've seen price predictions that these tokens will be worth 7 cents or so each within 3 years. These are algorithmic predictions which i've found online. Anyway everyone that's basically what i had to say about it all. IS XYO a scam!? Definetely not!!!!
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wy 2 years ago

A company with so many broken promises and ever declining price.
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Hb 2 years ago

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