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Tue, May 24, 2022 4:04 AM

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Savaş Demir 8 months ago

To the moon
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NotGreedy 1 year ago

Spams social media, massively overbooked ICO. In addition, the ICO is an unregistered securities offering in the US. Take a look at SEC EDGAR to try to find any trace of STC filing.
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chavatar01 1 year ago

Looks interesting, some definite areas of concern
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Arif 1 year ago

They say we are partnership with harvard university but clicking link redirecting you a facebook page and page called "harvard polish community"
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Student Coin Bonus Code 1 year ago

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asdfasd asdfasd 1 year ago

completely a scam. Be careful
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Pino 1 year ago

I am writing reporting some evidence of misleading information and strange token management by Student Coin project. All data have been scraped by a bot and collected accessing directly to an API ( called by the launchpad when access the page The API is free accessible and free to be called using the browser toolbar so no violation. Blow are links to 2 excel data showing following evidence of misconduct. Please note that I'm using "." as thousands separator and "," as unit/digit separator (if you use anglo saxon, is the opposite of such number format convention). Before analysis a couple of assumptions are needed. Student Coin use a referral program, by this program every purchase using a referral has a 5% token bonus and the referred has 30% token bonus of the token purchased. The file has been constructed as: - every 10 second the bot was going to retrieve data from the API; - if the data was the same as previous request then wait for 10 second; - else write the data in a new line. We can assume so that every row is quite a single purchase. So are about 900 purchases, the first column is the timestamp. For each purchase, is present the total amount of the ICO reached and the total amount of token generated since the beginning. In the columns L and M are present delta data between actual purchase and the previous one, the column N wants to understand how many STC would be purchased with the $ amount spent in the purchase, the last column wants to provide evidence about: is the amount of $ and Token, of each purchase added to the ICO founding, including the 5% of referral program? Keep in mind that ICO basic purchase program by card and Coinbase suggests investors to buy 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 400,000, 500,000 STC. The evidence is that: 1 - The $ amount spent and added to the ICO is quite surely able to purchase the token added to the total token generated (value in column M is every time pretty the same as column N); 2 - For about 45% of purchases, seems they includes this 5% referral reward (note red in column O and the bar chart with peak on the "suggested" purchase). Considering that not all purchases uses the referral link we can say that all purchases made using referral link are added to the ICO founding including 5% of referral not real money earned. This means that the ICO founding provided by the site is not real, but pumped by 5% of all referral purchases (that are about 45% of all purchases). This led to 2 conclusions. The first one is that the real ICO founding is: "ICO actual amount - (5% of its 45% purchases). So about 2,5% less than declared. The same can be said about Token sold. This is de cause they needed to extend the ICO after reaching 21M$: because they didn't, they reached about 2.5% less so they needed to extend. For the second conclusion, we have to keep in mind that at the end of the ICO a number X of tokens will be generated and the other, reaching 50% of total supply (5B as present in the tokenomics), will be burned or distributed to the investors. Considering that they are "hiding" as sold (but not declaring as generated) about 2,5% more tokens than real: at the end of the ICO they will be able to say: "we have sold X billion of token" (not real as is pumped by 2,5%) "considering 5% of all token bonus provided for referral and 30% token bonus provided for referred, remains Y billions tokens". The Y billions tokens remaining will be orphans of the 2,5% tokens hidden so this will let them hide 2,5% of tokens that will not be redistributed to investors nore burned. Note that such tokens should be used for token sales not Marketing, Partnerships, etc Other evidence of this misconduct is present in the discord #general# channel where, last 31st March a user talked about 600M tokens disappeared and project teammates not providing any info about them. Keep always in mind that all such tokens are intended to be sold not used for other purpose. Hope you will take a look at this and make your idea about Student coin and maybe let the project team be able to share appropriate transparency. Bye Pino The API data catch analysis file. Maybe will not be so easy to use in Google The ICO phases track file with the evidence of 600M tokens disappeared
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Pat 1 year ago

I've joined this project as an early bird in phase 50. Now they are hitting phase 115 with over $32MM raised. In my opinion Student Coin is amazing project! I can't wait until they get on major crypto exchanges. Keep it up guys!
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Gazelle 1 year ago

Great marketing, poor communication and transparency with own investors. Contract taken from an old coin, no development visible. I feel they are declaring more earnings than real to pump it up
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Rahimi D 1 year ago

Seems like a scam. From my point of view, the idea for this project is really "doubtful"
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