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Mon, May 16, 2022 3:56 AM

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Elontusk 6 months ago

Great quantum Resistant cryptocurrency 🙂
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Сергей Иванов 1 year ago

Active community, active developers. This coin has a great future.
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NISTPecialist 8 months ago

Not only legit, as type this the only serious hedge to QC BTC heist. Watch this coin the day that Satoshi moves his P2P wallets around. Check out faqq.info
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Futurist 24601 8 months ago

The lack of awareness is the enemy of this coin but is there for the savvy crypto investor. 2021. Quantum computers are definitely coming, and contrary to popular belief crypto is far more vulnerable to them than the banking sector etc. Big coins like bitcoin and ethereum have almost certainly left it too late to secure themselves against QC (if they even manage it- even the possibility is debatable). QRL may yet prove to be the saviour of the space. Look for “frequently asked quantum questions” on a search engine near you!
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:) 10 months ago

BTC IS PAST, QRL is future . If you are reading this when QRL reached the astronomical price, know that I was buying it for $ 0.20
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Craig 1 year ago

Lol no this isn't a scam. One of the only projects being proactive against progress in Quantum Computers. Active for over 4 years, team members responsive in discord and social media, weekly project updates, and full ecosystem. I've been a community member for 3+ years now
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Sebastian O. 1 year ago

Totally agree with Dave here. The first post must be from someone who lost some money here. There are not many legit cryptoprojects out there, but QRL is definately one of them. They are the only Cryptocurrency using XMSS from genesis block, which is the NIST recommended quantum resistant encryptinon algorithm. If that doesn´t tell you something about a great team with uncomparable understanding of the threat of quantum computers to crypto, I don´t know what to say.
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Nicklaus 1 year ago

Great project, team of multidisciplinary international experts working on new blockchain vertical, quantum-resistance applied to blockchain technology. They created the first PoW quantum-resistant blockchain starting from scratch. They are working on the first PoS quantum-resistant blockchain. They are about to release the first quantum resistant wallet to secure ETH blockchain assets e.g. ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, ETH and more. They are innovators and visionaries. They chose XMSS QR algorithm years ahead of having NIST recomending it as the first QR signature scheme... I could go on and on... Bright future ahead, great hedge against quantum computing theft.
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Dave L 1 year ago

To the post above, it's also possible that they are running a pedo cell from a Pizza parlour .. like what the. Dude, don't give a one star because you felt you loss money or lack of your own due diligence. If you start stating stuff, bring evidence. They DO btw, comment on the fact that other cryptos will look to migrate to NIST approved quantum resistant crypto algorithms but that it will be a mess (it will be a major hard fork and super Quantum computers could even attack during the time it takes to confirm a transaction). Look at their YouTube videos. They're right. It will be ugly and it will take time to migrate. You also don't know if China will have 3,000 fully entangled qbit system by 2025, let alone 2030. I own 6,000 QRLs and holding until 2030. Cost me $2 gran. If it "disppears", could care less. But I do believe these folks are serious and they will gain traction as news regarding Quantum becomes more predominent. Why in the name of crypto would they make this a SCAM... they are SMART and sitting on something I discussed creating myself with a couple of programmers. They are the ONLY ones using quantum resistant crypto in the Kyber-Crystal XMSS realm.
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Francis Erdman 1 year ago

Yes. Yes this is a scam. I invested into this and was worst investing choice in my life. Might as well have sent the money to Nigerian email scammers. They intentionally exaggerate the quantum threat to bitcoin, not bothering to tell people that quantum security is already on the roadmap for Ethereum, so while quantum computers are a threat to blockchain, it is not as big a threat as they make it out fo be. They are not serious developers, they are hobbyists at best. They have been promising the moon for years (ERC-20 compatible wallet, proof-of-stake, smart contracts), none of which are close to coming about. They have actual ties to organized crime (Canadian mafia) and have a political agenda against the United States (hence they purposely geofence Americans from being able to invest). This is most likely due to President Trump tightening up trade with Canada, which has enraged the Canadian mob, and hence this project is trying to make Americans suffer in retaliation. So in sum, the project exaggerates the threat of quantum computers in the first place, they are not serious developers in the second place, and worst of all they have a political agenda because of organized crime connections. So yeah, big time scam.
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