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Mon, May 23, 2022 6:52 AM

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Arrrthosi 6 months ago

Great project, love the weekly meetings and all the help you have provided. Pirate Chain discord has helped me understand trading strategies to lower my risk when I invest into any crypto. Thank you for that. You lot don't even deserve to be mentioned on a site like this!
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Artto 11 months ago

Every point in there ranges between pure fabrication to stringing words together in a frivolous manner to cater to a sinister agenda. ୦ dPoW: Either this person doesn't know how it works or is intentionally just stringing words together to suit their purpose. — Pirate is mined with proof of work. Period. Just like any other proof of work coin, miners get rewarded with newly minted coins. --- Pirate's proof of work blockchain is independent of dPoW and will function just as well as any other proof of work coin without dPoW — dPoW (delayed proof of work) is an additional security feature. Any blockchain can engage dPoW's service from Komodo for additional security against 51% attacks. Here's how dPoW works: Komodo's blockchain and Bitcoin’s blockchains allow for messages to be written to it. The notary nodes index the client's (Pirate) blockchain every few minutes. The indexed blocks then get written into komodo's blockchain, and in turn komodo's blockchain is indexed and written into Bitcoin's blockchain. Therefore, any attempt to perform a 51% attack and reverse Pirate's blockchain would have to overcome Pirate's hashrate + Komodo's Hashrate + Bitcoin's hashrate to roll the blocks back. ୦ ASICS: just like any proof of work blockchain that can be ASIC mined, the hashrate will be dominated by machines with more efficient mining power. That is just how technology works. Same with Bitcoin. --- "ASICS who have hoarded the entire supply" clearly this fudder is just stringing words together. ASICS mine blocks and rewards are produced for the work. ASICS cannot hoard, they are just the engine that do the work. --- "and the notary nodes have complete control over the rewards" once again, this fudder has absolutely no idea how things work and is just intentionally mixing technical features with their own agenda. Notary nodes have nothing to do with Pirate's block rewards. Entirely separate processes. --- I would bet that Fishy Guts can explain notary nodes better than this fudder can. ୦ Notary node elections: notary nodes are an added security service. Why do you need a home alarm security system if you have locks on your door? For the extra security. The lock does its function and the house is fine without the home alarm system. The home alarm provides an extra layer of security. Any cryptocurrency can request Komodo to use this service for additional security. As a service that Komodo provides, it certainly makes sense that the Komodo ecosystem uses its own tokens to vote on the notary nodes providers. ୦ JL777: JL has been nothing but an outstanding leader of the Komodo project. Komodo was launched with an ICO, by definition, a premine was required to perform the ICO. ୦ Pirate product: Rarely seen in crypto, Pirate’s product was technically complete at launch, ie, the blockchain worked efficiently (as did Komodo’s, ZCash’s and Bitcoin’s) and the privacy protocol remains best in class to this day. Future technological innovation is not prerequisite for contemporary functionality. — Products: once again this fudder is just fabricating falsehoods. Despite having no block mining rewards taxed for to go to the core team (as seen in Monero and Cash), Pirate has released several products built in-house by community contributors: (1) the world’s first z-z shielded-only mobile wallet, (2) a privacy-centric desktop operating system, (3) a merchant gateway designed for optimal client privacy, and several more in active research and development. ୦ Trusted setup: a fudder favorite. I believe that almost all fudders do not know how this works. Here is some more insight regarding this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGhCpkAB0p0
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sukhvinder 11 months ago

Pirate Chain will be the future coin for all private transactions as BTC was built and meant for privacy but it BTC is totally centralized.....
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Ems 11 months ago

It is the best privacy coin with a great team. Certainly not a scam.
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JayPatriot 11 months ago

Love that this coin is pushing privacy. It also has a max supply which makes you want to hodl it more.
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Riho 1 year ago

A PUMP and DUMP coin ;)
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babapybawvp 1 year ago

Exposing the Pirate Chain Scam Pirate Chain is no more than a pump and dump vehicle for the Komodo platform and Asic miners. The blockchain launched three years ago, and has already mined 90% of it's total coins. Not even bitcoin has reached this percentage yet. The vast majority of these mined blocks are completely empty outside of a single transaction (being the block reward) giving the owners of these block rewards an overwhelming supply to dump on investors. Pirate Chain has a convoluted mining system called "DPow". The easiest way to explain DPow is its Proof of Stake (notary nodes) mixed with Proof of Work (Asic miners). The miner block reward is dominated by ASICs who have hoarded the entire supply; and the notary nodes have complete control over the rewards for notarizing the network. Not even Pirate Chain's twitter marketer Fishy Guts can coherently explain how the hell it works. Can you run a notary node? Nope! There are only 64 notary nodes, and the only way to vote for these nodes is during annual elections if you own KMD, the cryptocurrency based on Komodo. One KMD = One vote. Good thing you hold ARRR! Oh, and did I mention the creator of Komodo, Jl777, is a known scam artist who loves premines? KMD, by the way, had a 100,000,000 premine out of a total supply of 200,000,000. What about the product? Pirate Chain has not developed a single technological innovation. They have not published any research or have influenced any other chains. Their entire project is based on the success of Zcash -- literally, Pirate Chain needs a shitcoin like Zcash to innovate for Pirate Chain's project to even survive long term. And if it can't get any worse, the technology behind Pirate chain privacy, zk snarks, requires what is ironically called a "trusted setup", because you need to trust that the developers had destroyed their private keys during the setup ceremony. Otherwise, they will be able to create coins out of thin air. Nice job doing research on this you retarded pirates!
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Kim 1 year ago

Pirate chain is the most private cryptocurrency out there!
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PrivacyNut 2 years ago

This page is completely inaccurate. First, Genie is one of the MANY devs (it's a community project). Second, it's absolutely not quiet. Check their roadmap. Third, they have some of the most respected devs in crypto. Between JL777, DukeLeto, MrLynch and ComputerGenie alone, it has a ridiculous amount of talent. Oh, and did I mention they are considered the MOST PRIVATE cryptocurrency to date, recognized as such by Monero and ZCash itself?
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+dreamTim 2 years ago

Pirate Chain $ARRR is one of the best community projects around
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