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Fri, Dec 1, 2023 2:15 AM

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Pawtocol is a global online community of pet lovers who aim to disrupt the pet industry by leveraging blockchain technology to monetize data about their pets, improve owners’ purchasing experience, and help veterinarians to deliver better care. Pawtocol is the world’s most advanced online pet community, combining blockchain, AI and IoT technologies to improve the lives of the world’s 400+ million pets. This user-friendly, multi-functional platform will seamlessly integrate into the average pet parent’s daily life, uniquely positioning it to take over this fast-growing, $150B+ industry. Pawtocol’s blockchain technology provides its users cutting-edge privacy and security features, including complete control of their data and the ability to get paid for securely selling it to data buyers. With the help of AI, the platform will offer pet parent’s helpful, personalized guidance with everything from buying treats to providing healthcare. The company’s integrated, NFC-enabled dog tag makes interacting with the platform simple and intuitive, because Pawtocol is for all the world’s pets. One of the most unique innovations of the Pawtocol platform is the Data Marketplace, a first of its kind, peer-to-peer exchange for users to safely sell their de-identified data directly to companies and groups that want to buy it. For users, this means getting paid when someone wants to use their data. For buyers, it means richer datasets, with cheaper price tags. The Pawtocol Data Marketplace represents a revolution in how data flows around the pet industry. But, it also represents another first: a sustainable technology company that more fairly pays for the digital resources it consumes. All of this means that when Pawtocol grows, everyone will benefit.

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Dave 10 months ago

A scam rug pull move over to pawthereum where they actually help animals and have people like Kevin oleary on board
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