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Sun, Aug 27, 2023 11:15 AM

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Optical Bitcoin


oBTC is a coin released by PoWx (PoWx.org) in March 2021. It has a robust community of miners and is focused on a new low energy mining algorithm called Optical Proof of Work (oPoW). oPoW is designed to be compatible with energy efficient optical processors.

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J********* 1 year ago

The oBTC sellers now will be the new BTC pizza guys in a few years lol
5 0

Jai123 1 year ago

I loke obtc personally . its my dream actually . i am so many times thinksa bout. when i seen bitcoin millioners. i was feel so bad "i missed a chance" . if i am also see bitclin in 2010 now i will become millioners now. but the same chance after 13 years. cames again that chance in form of obtc. feels happy to see this crypto with additional "unexpectable" properties . ex: optical computable . really i like & big fan of powx and who helps to create a gorgeous obtc coin "all tram & devolopers" .
6 0

KcnCoin 1 year ago

Really good Cryptocurrency . without overhype & Marketing . yes any new technology no need to over hype . its proven as an example is opticalbitcoin . simply running coin . but its the future.
7 0

ktharine 1 year ago

No need to worry here . obtc is decentralized block chain like BTC . obtc is has more futurestic & more better life . additional climate friendly optical computable low power mining possible with optcialbitcoin . its futureproof blcokchain . coin . Yes, this is first Optical POW coin so it's same bitcoin 12 years ago.
7 1

Jithin 1 year ago

opticalbitcoin is a genuine coin! not need worry . just mine or buy it . otherwise you have to feel Bad in future . i am already checked all official website informations . all things perfectly alright . feels really happy with obtc . you also dont miss this chance .
8 1

prakashx 1 year ago

Hello ! I am using obtc . its not a scam . and why this score is too low . its a not normal crypto currecncy . its like Bitcoin ! . Yes it was second versioon Bitcoin "Yes it will" . really obtc is genuine . but its core wallet opening time is taken almost above 10 minutes . it will resolve soon . i was seen this coin in coinmarketcap , but first i was also tought its a token "waste of time " when dip deep "its minable . ansd its also has explorers" what is f***k , how a token can mine able ? "yes its a true block chain" already i was checkedabout all in who is websites . powx & optcial-bitcoin official websites. yes it has all genuine information!.
8 1

userjfag 1 year ago

first i think obtc is a token , thats why. i am searched about smart contract address. but why its luched as a token in coinmarketcap & coingecko . its a correction who applied in those. actually optical bitcoin is soluation for now pow . but it has optical comutable support . yes i can predict it . now semiconductors already near to 4 nm and now this year 3 nano meter , almost not possiblities to create gateway transistors below 3 or 2 nanometers . htatswhy in 2023 or 2024 i think world is start to wornk on optical processors . its uses less energy . iwas readed so many articals . and then i was start beleved . optical proof of work is the future . obtc is lunched by powx . its really a genuine "non profitable organization" . its really a good news for future investors . its like a change we are all missed 11 to 12 years ago . same that like was came again 2021 and now . we are feel so luckky.
9 1

powxobtc 1 year ago

Lasted edited: 6 months ago
oBtc is run on its own block chain oBtc Also Had good infrastructure ex: Android wallet, electrum, core wallet . for Merchant utility : pay server All was working good, nothing wrong in optical bitcoin. in 2021 march 28 it was lunched by Powx. The white paper is detailed and brings solutions to the current problems of POW. Network block time: 10 minutes, 144 blocks Per Day, block rewards : 50 oBtc , Block Reward will drop of half every 420 000 Block Height, Max-supply Limit : 42 Millions, Difficulty Algorithm: assert 48 Hours, ALGORITHM: HEAVYHASH HeavyHash is called opow Algo and its created for Low energy Mining . from 2017 Powx is started to create HeavyHash , in 2020 HeavyHash was created . they already said why theyt used s are Noha256 algo. it was clearly explained in powx/opow Already "see powx page :powx/opow" HeavyHash also backward compatable ! Cpu , Gpu , Fpga for Now. (optcial processing units - optical miners) will comes soon as possible.
9 1

oliver 1 year ago

i mine it . and payout . exchangit and nothin wrong at all
10 1

Paul 1 year ago

Have had No problems with their Software, i am using the Wallet App from the Google Play Store at this moment, to save in oBTC purchased and sent by the Exchange i've also tried their core Wallet first also working at the moment of writing! :)
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