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Fri, Jan 27, 2023 10:50 PM

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Unbanking shipping. Nexum platform is a fintech platform built to securely and efficiently provide funding to traders in the shipping and oil industry. NEXM is a utility token that traders and other maritime ecosystem participants must use to receive funding and obtain access to services offered by the platform. Nexum incentivizes the adoption of blockchain technology and crypto payments by the maritime ecosystem members. Shipping is a fragmented and opaque industry that naturally lends itself to crypto applications. Its multijurisdictional and multicurrency nature provides a fertile environment for token utilization that will make cross-border payments and remittances quick and efficient. Our vision is Nexum Token to form the backbone of tokenization in shipping transactions. We aim by using blockchain technology and big data clusters to derive performance and credit-risk-related assessments on a per vessel/ship-manager basis. Our data-driven approach will also allow us to analyze and predict trade flows and world economic activity on a macro level.

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BabyBornLoveBoyz 3 days ago

it has been tough for cryptospace and Nexum is not an exception. Even tho project’s media activity went down a bit they have never stopped developing & focusing on what matters - utility (!). Some major updates about Nexum Wallet with staking are coming from the team so I believe it is time to go even further
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UToken 9 months ago

Seems like Nexum is moving on: partnership deal with Investment fund from Dubai covered by Yahoo Finance. The link to check:
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CoinHunter 9 months ago

Utility token to pay attention to in 2022: they already have a list of partners that come form shipping & oil industry; tokenomics look solid; their team section is interesting to have a look at (would be great to have more social media proof though). and became first two exchanges that listed NEXM token. I believe the project will take some time to evolve so it can reach the point of mass adoption - it won’t happen over night. Nexum is about research and patience, definitely not a “pump and dump” token. At the end of the day it’s all in the hands of management to take it sky high or nose down so we will see. My conclusion: one of the best utility tokens for «buy&hold» strategy in 2022 with medium risk level and high possible returns. Always do your own research, not a fin advice:
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CoinBandit 10 months ago and global trade? The way I see it (not fin. advice - always DYOR) is that Nexum has some enormous potential because the very project itself comes from a multi-billion maritime shipping industry. In short, trade and commerce entirely depends on maritime shipping, therefore it becomes an essential component for driving the economy of the world. According to my research (links below), blockchain technology, if being applied, can solve at least one problem that the industry has: costly cross-border payments. The vision of the project sounds exciting:«to become the main element of tokenization in shipping and oil transactions worldwide». Well, let's see! As far as I know, this is the first project of such kind and I definitely gonna pay attention to what the team gonna do next.
References: › docsPDFFuture Maritime Trade Flows: Summary and Conclusions
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Stefan 11 months ago

I love Nexum made so much money with it
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