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Sat, Jun 25, 2022 3:34 AM

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Market Cap $2,296,329,781.08
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24hr Volume $77,480,526.26
Price $126.6
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Boating accidents 9 months ago

Monero has strong community ethos for privacy and immutability, and a network that's actually decentralized, i.e. you can even mine with an android phone. For introductory reading material, would recommend looking up the "Mastering Monero" series. For watching/listening material, would recommend looking up "Dr Daniel Kim" for his introductory talks.
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Nicolas Van Saberhagen 1 year ago

Best "privacy coin" (negating the fact that money SHOULD be private) that currently exists. Amazing community that will help you with anything,
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Richard 1 year ago

Great fundamentals, unbeatable on privacy, growing market cap. Number 1 currency on the darkweb and superb store of wealth. Monero is my coin of choice.
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Rottensox 1 year ago

Monero is a very easy to use cryptocurrency that preserves your privacy.
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Paul Yellen 1 year ago

Easily the best coin. Only one that offers true privacy. Relatively quick to transfer. Fungible. Doesn't fall into ASICs mining trap, the deflation trap (by capping supply) nor the miners trap (keeps incentive for miners). It is not that correlated to BTC and other coins (therefore less volatile). It is pretty affordable now. It's secure. It has an ability to view someone's wallet for tax investigation (& therefore practical purpose). It has superior technology to secure privacy to the sender and receiver and clouds the amount (similar to secrecy banking so popular in Financial hubs). It's open-sourced, truly decentralized and has the ability to have updates every 6 months from hardworking volunteers in a sense. It is protected from 51% attacks. It has a vocal community critical of it's use and therefore seeks to improve by those individuals who are 'in-the-know'. It now has the innovative ability to transfer to and from bitcoin therefore increasing supply & like i said, has the ability to continue production of new coins via PoW format. I'm forgetting some other things too... but the main thing is it's NOT a surveillance coin. It's set to work as money, or have the anonymity of cash but not get you rich through schemes. It is not a scam.
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Best community driven coin ever!
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Adam 1 year ago

The only really privacy-protecting cryptocurrency. Fast, secure and reliable. Big governments hate it for a reason.
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Roeland Creve 1 year ago

One trick pony with a scammy launch. Google "cripplemine". Early miners were intentionally given a broken miner so the inner circle of anonymous devs could mine at full speed. Not a speculation but irrefutably proven by submitted code and thus undeniable. Toxic community attacking competing projects and spreading ridiculous lies, even as much as projecting their own scammy launch onto others. Privacy scheme will be retroactively broken, too. Privacy with a time limit. Steer clear.
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Praxis 3 years ago

Definitely not a scam. cypherpunk culture, open source project based on donations great for privacy
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Ken 3 years ago

Big scam. Look into monero history of the cripple miner. The devs most likely print undetectable coins to enrich themselves.
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