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BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

Metaverse.Pro is the Metaverse Reserve System and $Meta will be the Reserve Currency for the Metaverse and GameFi. This is a fork of OHM on the BSC network, with a focus on the Metaverse and gamification. MetaversePRO is a fair, community-governed, financial infrastructure for the Metaverse that allows for stable and dependable growth. We have chosen to operate on Binance Smart Chain because we believe BSC represents the optimal intersection between the real world and the Metaverse. Plus, the Metaverse on BSC is currently experiencing phenomenal growth, from artworks, to GameFi, to DeFi. All areas are seeing an explosion of innovation. MetaversePRO is committed to building a fair token-issuing institution and to having META accepted across the Metaverse. Just as DeFi requires an infrastructure, MetaversePRO will serve this role for GameFi.

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killym 1 year ago

the devs and mod team are truly incredible. for anyone on their discord, you could see that on christmas eve and christmas day they were literally woking non stop to calm everybody on the recent DAO price drops.
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Pepe 1 year ago

Metaverse is a great project with an amazing team behind that is working hardly to make this DAO the best there is with innovation and Metaverse integration. I have made high returns with my investment and I’m currently going to keep investing more and restaking. Invest here you will not regret it!!
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Peter 1 year ago

This is one of the best DAO project I met do far. The reason is, the team behind that. They are in the official Discord chat 24hours, answering questions, helping people out. They are really taking care of this project. Highly recommended
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KonImperator 1 year ago

Best community I've ever seen in the crypto space! Join the discord to get the latest info and chat with other investors before you decide to put your money in, people are nice and questions are answered at the speed of light - Definitely consider joining us on Thursdays 10:00 pm UTC to catch our community manager TerrorZone's weekly educational classroom to get most of your questions and doubt cleared up ASAP. Although the price did recently fall by a lot, just holding Meta and utilizing the rebase function of the token lets you not worry about the price at all and make gains while you sleep, stress-free from the uncertainty of the markets. Devs are engaged and are building a future proof project, that's aiming to be a cornerstone in its niche on BSC. With a game in development and soon to be released, the unique 6,6 staking mechanism, future planned partnerships and a bunch of other features and utility being developed, the project has a solid future!
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BigPAPA 1 year ago

They have transparent from day 1. The marketing has been creative and fun with contests and prizes for all aspects of social media. They work tirelessly for us and to make this community stranger. With AMA's every thursdays with a great teacher showing us informational tutorials on every aspect of the project (ie. how to maximize gains, when to take profits, how to use the calculator, how (6,6) works etc) and being on voice chat to teach or boost moral when price dips and people freak. They have big ambitious goals and have not faulted in any way so far. They are beyond strong and will keep being strong for time to come. MetaversePRO is too legit to quit.
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Artil Tanini 1 year ago

5x my investment best community
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No 1 year ago

Great protocol. Super active community which is very helpful 24/7 with any questions or issues you may have. The devs are constantly adding features and updates to the site. Hourly rebases are great too and there is a 6,6 pool which is simply the best. I've lost a bunch of money in the crypto space, but now I'm parked here, confidently accumulating my rebases. In good hands. You could be too...
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Arnis Abramovics 1 year ago

Legit/Biggest DAO on BSC network. Soon crosschain.
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MadladMoney 1 year ago

Metaversepro is an incredible community with a great vision for new DAO mechanics. They are working hard to build their own game and bringing other games and cryptos into the community. I'm very bullish on this and look forward to the growth and tendies. To the moon! 🚀
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