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Sun, Feb 25, 2024 2:15 PM

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#MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services in real-time

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kelly vijay 2 weeks ago

Please refrain from investing and read reviews. I kindly ask anyone who reads this review not to invest in this platform. This is a major scam. They had a pleasant conversation before investing and display early profits. Please take note that there is no withdrawal option. You must obtain their consent. My wallet was stolen by a con artist using a phishing scheme. The 2.8 BTC were taken. I was able to find my misplaced item by getting in touch with Marketpeace.net so guys be guided.
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Ben 1 month ago

I lose my money, the projet is die
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Dude 2 years ago

Project has been developing along as promised.
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Pat Zanella 2 years ago

• Technology wise #metahash is at the same level as ADA but light years ahead of Ethereum. • Adoption wise Ethereum is light years ahead of both ADA & #metahash. • Marketing wise ADA is light years ahead of #metahash and that's where ONCE IN LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY can be found. A price comparison with ADA shows that although technologically we are around the same level but ADA price is almost 1000 times more than MHC. CEO of Metahash, N. Gleb has always said that he wants to build a rock solid mainnet first before starting marketing. He is only weeks away from achieving just that. Once the mass marketing starts for #metahash, then this awesome opportunity to buy MHC at a fraction of its true value will be lost for good. Once Gleb will be satisfied with the mainnet stability and launch the marketing campaign to raise the number of active community members from 10,000 to over 50,000, no new investor will be able to hold back after seeing the finished product which #metahash has developed. MHC price is unbelievably low due to the lack of marketing considering the extreme potential of the #metahash project. Lack of marketing can be fixed in a few days but a rock solid, super fast and super cheap mainnet can not be developed in a few days. Other similar projects may be way ahead in marketing and raising price of their coins with hype. Such projects can come down as fast as they go up due to the lack of product.
Once #metahash will start going up after the launch of mass marketing, nothing will be able to bring it down because investments will be backed by a solid and in demand product, not adds & hype. To top it all up, our community is not just counting on the team to do EVERYTHING. Dedicated members like Joseph, James, Big AI and now Giorgi & Robert have stepped forward and taken lead in ensuring that Metahash does not remain unnoticed while team is focused on consolidating the technology they have developed for the fastest blockchain in the world. Therefore, based on my analysis, MHC deserves a price of around $2.00 in the near future and up to $5.00 in a few years.
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Big Al 2 years ago

Anyone, who comes over and takes a look at Metahash basically says, “Wow!” The Core Team has pulled off one of the best architectures in the world for safe, scaled, high performance blockchain tech. - The core team has recently completed the last step to fully decentralizing the network with the rollout of the core servers. - Final testing and optimization measures are going on prior to switching on voting. - In parallel, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to take Metahash to the next level. New functionalities are being introduced, which will demonstrate the true power of the network. - At the same time, a major marketing push is under development. - Let me also mention, we have one of the most enthusiastic and participative communities in blockchain, which is really making a difference. If you’re just joining Metahash, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The Metahash Community welcomes you with open arms, but hold onto your hat, because we expect major results in the coming weeks! 👍👍 (Not financial advice)
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Дамир 4 years ago

Все Гуд
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Omen 4 years ago

Promising project
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