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Sat, Sep 23, 2023 8:00 PM

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In the Magic Craft metaverse there are powerful Castles built by the Elders. Every week your clan goes to war for the ownership of one of the 7 castles, where the King of the castle gets taxation in our native cryptocurrency $MCRT. Each character has different collectible NFT traits, items, weapons, armor, spells, magic scrolls, clothes, attacks, and poses. You can trade these collectibles in the NFT marketplace for $MCRT. On the platform there are higher staking rewards for powerful castles, weapons, armor and castles. You hold the value of your character in $MCRT

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Pantera 3 months ago

Lasted edited: 3 months ago
1st The YouTuber Stock Guru did this, NOW just Google "STOCK GURU SCAM" and see what pops up then Google "Pump and dump schemes" This is and was a strait penny stock Pump and Dump schemes scam. Stock Guru just created a crypto, but this is old as dirt scam, You promote a crypto/stock that's very cheap like $0.01 or less with low volume. So if there is 10,000,000 stock or crypto cap limit (the most that can be sold) and only 4,000,000 have been sold I buy $100,000.00 worth of a $0.01 and get 1 million crypto with a volume of $1 million dollars worth, so I own 10% then I promote it saying it's going to $1.00 buy now and HOLD it if I get 10,000 people to but $100.00 worth it will shoot the price up x10+ and remember the whole time I'm promoting to hold to $1 or $10 and the price hits $0.10 I sell turning my $100,000 in to 1 Million
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Ken 5 months ago

Magic Craft is the world's most engaging block chain game, which unites creators, players, digital assets owners, and streamer. Our ecosystem consist of three major components. Metaverse NFT marketplace Game economy So I could that Magic Craft is the world's upcoming number one game in Web3.
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NixExplained 5 months ago

Incredible game. As soon as the world is able to see what's been built, this project is going to blow up. Unicorn
1 1

drivaille 5 months ago

This project brought me stability at my 24 years old, invested in this project and very satisfied with my income. Been following MagicCraft updates for months now and I see how dedicated the team is to make it grow. Definitely check it out!
2 1

Werewolf 5 months ago

MagicCraftGame is the best Play to Earn MOBA game. $MCRT is the Future of Crypto world
4 1

Adrian 5 months ago

MagicCraft is an Awesome Gaming project. Bullish for $MCRT 🔥
4 1

adam 5 months ago

good game, thumbs up
3 1

Rockstar 5 months ago

My favorite play 2 earn
6 1

CowBoyFromH311 1 year ago

Own Stock Guru Multi SCAMMER, Arrested in Past for Stock Scams and He is Doing it Again, Never stays in 1 county for long due to legal issues
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