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Sun, Jun 26, 2022 4:10 AM

Rating D
Market Cap $23,228,831.37
Market Dominance unknown
24hr Volume $10,156.93
Price $1.25
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  • Travel Agency
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Ganesh Megawarnam 4 years ago

Invested during mainsale. The team has been actively engaging with token holders including the CEO who personally answers queries when available. This team are comitted in delivering their main product and have been achieving milestones whout fail.
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Truong Doan 4 years ago

This project is really good. I already invested in main sales. The team is very professional and they build up a solid community with perfect communication.
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Mossa 4 years ago

I'm in LOC from the ICO it's a good project with main strategic goals and it has a very helpful team, they support all users all the time. They are successful team If some one consider LOC as SCAM, some day we are all called Bitcoin is SCAM and look where BTC nowww UP UP 2 the moooooon LOC
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Giannis Karkaletsis 4 years ago

Amazing project with great supporting team and excellent prospect. They have a real working product (marketplace) and they deliver always according to schedule. A real future gem!
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Simon Steffal 4 years ago

I have been with Lockchain since ICO, believe in the project and its meaningfulness as well as a huge potential to disrupt a well established market. The team is very active on their telegram channel, extremely responsive, helpful, working very hard to make this project a massive succes.
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Diogo Castro Santos 4 years ago

Seems to me that this is a really professional and serious company. I believe this is going to be one of the very best projects out there using Blockchain smart contracts. Give it 5 stars and invested.
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Joris Vermeulen 4 years ago

I am amazed by the profesionalism and patience that the team takes care of all questions you ask them, goign from wiring money problems with bank acount names, trough setting up Myetherwallet, even after having received 100 times the same question , they will answer you. Anybody is adressable of the team, and everybody will answer your questions. LOC team has been focusing on development of the product in stead of puting effort in creating hype like other projects. They keep focus and also keep deadline and roadmap. As soon as product will be almost ready to launch they will start putting effort in marketing. If marketing goes as well as development the LOC will be a big game changer! I haven't noticed a signle alert in this project, and have been folowing the project since half november on a daily basis.
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cryptobssniffer 4 years ago

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