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Sun, Jun 26, 2022 3:33 AM

Rating B
Market Cap $4,173,232,619.43
Market Dominance 0.433
24hr Volume $556,137,342.96
Price $59.12
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John 5 months ago

One of the best. Cheap and fast transactions, stable, well known and still having a chance to raise. Highly recommended.
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Wise Wolf 6 months ago

The people who started the coin sold all their coins while the project was at peak price and then left the company leaving all the investors to suffer the rug pull.
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Jay 8 months ago

After the main creator/developer sold and bailed so did most of the early members. It's a shame that happened, now it just exists, slowly fading away.
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LTCRealist 1 year ago

Not a scam but extremely useless. Zero innovation, zero progress in development, terrible coin distribution for such an old coin and generally plagued by a community of zealots who defend this pile of trash to the death. The only thing it has over BTC is lower fees and higher capacity, but these are no achievements. One is due to lower price the other due to fiddling with coin parameters which anyone can do. Counltess other coins are vastly superior to LTC in every imaginable way, except for marketcap which will only last for so long.
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Praxis 3 years ago

It's not a scam, but it's pretty useless and pointless.
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liwu.c 3 years ago

Fast transfer between wallets. This and 3 other coins are my favorite one now! 1st Bitcoin 2nd Litecoin
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Darren Lees 4 years ago

Not a scam
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Daniel Salloi 3 years ago

Bitcoin's little silver brother. Fast and scalable - will be interesting if they implement more privacy with ex MimbleWimble. But again - what's the point if we already have Bitcoin?
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sarah gibson 2 years ago

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