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Score: 3.02 | Poor
Speculative Nano Cap
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Wed, Sep 22, 2021 1:57 AM

Score 3.02
Rating Poor
Market Cap $21025147.722651
24hr Volume $269977.84356328
Price $5.691153E-8

GMR Finance


binance coin

GMR Finance (GMR) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

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GMR Finance Project Statement

Project statements are provided by senior members of the project team and serve to tell the reader why the project has honorable intentions and why is definitely not a scam.

Please get in touch to submit a project statement for this project. Emails must be sent from official domain email addresses and will be verified before being accepted.

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GMR Finance Safety Report

GMR Finance has a safety score of 3.02

GMR Finance is a nano cap token.

GMR Finance is suited to a speculative investment style.

GMR Finance Profile

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GMR Finance Red Flags

There are currently no GMR Finance red flags.

GMR Finance Development Score

The GMR Finance project has 2 active source code repositories.

There have been no commit to any of this accounts repos

  • 50 Watchers
  • 246 Stars
  • 5 Mentionable Users
  • 0 Vulnerabilities
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GMR Finance Sentiment Score

The sentiment score indicates how well the wider community regards the project. We analyse social media platforms such a Reddit, Twitter etc to access if the community is talking positively or negatively about a project. Or if they are even talking about the project at all!

The overall sentiment is very low indicating that this project is either not well-regarded in the community or simply no one is talking about GMR Finance. In general as the popularity of a project grows and as main stream awareness grows this score will go up - though only if the news is good news!
  • The overall sentiment is very low

GMR Finance Community Score

The community score indicates how active community is. Are they writing lots of articles and engaging in lots of conversations on the web? Where is the crypto communities attention spent? There are so many hours in the day to spend writing, reading, researching a project. So how much of this time is spent on GMR Finance?

The larger a community is then the more eyes are on that project. Sharing information, red flags and concerns is more likely the bigger the community is. And larger communities are alot hard to censor and control - therefore they provide a diverse range of opinions.

Overall GMR Finance has an ok community rating, in general as the project grows the community score will increase or if the community looses interest then it can of course decrease.

  • extremely high hashtag tweets
  • good reddit articles
  • good gitHub account watchers
  • no search result count

GMR Finance Awareness Score

The awareness score indicates how well GMR Finance is known in the main stream. Its all very well for a project to have a discord channel to have 1000 users chatting all day about how great the GMR Finance is but a good measure of longevity is how well the project is known by the general public.

Overall GMR Finance this project is not known by the general community. If a project is new and has not had a lot of marketing or exposure then in general as the project grows the awareness score will increase.

  • no search result total
  • no news articles mentioning GMR Finance
  • no news articles directly about GMR Finance

GMR Finance Credibility Score

The credibility score indicates how credibility a project is. Does it have a ridiculous name? Is it run by a 13yr old in their basement? Is it just 2 days old and too early to tell?

  • Early project age (released May 7, 2021)

GMR Finance Volume Score

The volume score is the simplest of all our metrics and quite often the bottom line metric. It doesnt matter how well a project scores on the other factors, if it is only shifting a few thousand dollars a day in volume then there is a high chance you will left holding a bag

  • very poor USD 24hr volume

Red flags come in all shapes and sizes

At the end of the day a cryptocurrency project requires you to part with your hard earned cash in order for it to become succesful.

You expect a level of transparency and professionalism from a project that is asking for your money.

There are all sorts of red flags which you should be weary of;

  • 404 (missing) websites
  • Expired SSL certs
  • Malware/Hijacked sites
  • Suspended Twitter accounts
  • Private Subreddits
  • SEC investiations

If you spot anything suspicious/resolved then please let us know.

GMR Finance Red flags
  • No red flags
    No red flags have been identified. That doesnt mean its a 100% safe project, it just means that no red flags have been brought to our attention.

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17 reviews
Sun, Aug 1, 2021 1:05 AM
This page would be a scam before GMR. Wait and see how many x this goes up and the how far along the project goes. This is one of the most legit tokens in the market. Uae case, utility, entertainment and income.
0 1
William Gibson nf666
Thu, Jul 15, 2021 5:38 PM
Been following the project since the beginning, fully legit, CertiK audited, on list for Top20 DeFi project. An organic growing community that strongly believe in the project. not a new pump and dump token.... NFA and DYORn but this one is gold for gamer imo. which mean gold for one of the most massive cyber industry, gaming. welcome to the crypto world $GMR
0 0
Mon, Jun 28, 2021 5:19 PM
Devs showing clear lack of interest and knowledge in the gaming community outside of what can be googled last minute. Any and all proof that people have brought to the table of abuses and sneaky behaviour such as misleading images regarding wallets are crushed with ridicule and swept under the rug. Any acknowledgement has been short, vague and patronising. And further conversation regarding the vagueness is met with a false exhaustion from the mods and a claim that it has already been addressed, albeit not fully but that isn't relevant to those with a little bit of power. Mods for all outlets of information are overbearing, narcissistic, spiteful, bordering on abusive and quite recently pushing GMR related projects that serve their own interests while the GMR devs egg them on. Seeing the antagonistic behaviour lately and the disdain being thrown at investors, one might be forgiven for supposing that it were a deliberate and veiled attempt at killing the coin slowly. Not that I'm suggesting they are but if it's coming across that way then that should be a worry to anyone who might care. But I suppose as all the ungrateful complaining investor plebs are being told recently when they pop up with the same complaint and with increasing regularity, it's probably just me and noone else is having that problem. Followers of the discord are frequently complaining about the 5+ daily pings they're getting and the mods are all too happy to pin it on the Devs despite advertising their podcast day and night. If they're not blaming the devs, they're ridiculing people for not wanting so many pings from an investment channel while upping the pings during confrontations. Yesterday an investor was actually called a bastard for bringing it up. Unsurprisingly he let everyone know he had sold his bag. Something that appears to be happening frequently due to channel mismanagement and abuse. Noone wants their money at the mercy of people with no self control or ability to read a room. Even if the room is online. Any and all discussion outside of 'shilling' is ignored or ridiculed at best and attacked and deleted quite commonly. This has actually just happened in the telegram chat when an investor mentioned that a moderator giveaway of the chance to win 4 dollars worth of the token in exchange for retweets might be an abuse of GMRs name and is likely to give the token a bad reputation instead of good. most of the conversation was completely deleted under the guise of 'bad language'. Even the 70% of it that had no such language. Anyone joining the usual avenues to see crypto news will pick up on this instantly as it is an almost hourly event now. Billboards to advertise the token are being discussed and executed by investors and they are funded entirely by the investors, too despite there being a marketing team. They appear to prefer investing in advertising a podcast that everyone is being strong armed into listening to just to get updates on their investment. A podcast specifically for updates regarding a specific gaming cryptocurrency. I wonder who these advertisements are for. I know I've always wanted to listen to a podcast that would update me on a cryptocurrency I'm not invested in. Or is it for people who are already invested? How will that help the token? Or are the mods just being baited with shiny toys to keep up appearances until everything fizzles out? I suppose those still invested will find out. Just as they will find out who wins the NFT of the very copyright infringement liability N64 cartridge complete with actual Nintendo logo and trademarks. Nothing screams legitimate more than that. Sadly I've had to post this here because any and all attempts to bring this up to anyone with any power is quickly thwarted and you are ganged up on instantly with a sea of mods all telling you the same thing with increasing frustration as if the more responses they give you for the one comment you made accumulates in the hive mind. Do what you will with this information but there it is. And this was just a selection of things I've seen in the short time I was there. Good luck to anyone still following. I genuinely hope the investors get their money out of it and even profit. God knows we need it in these times.
4 6
Tue, Jun 22, 2021 3:13 PM
100% scam
2 6
Gmr Admin
Fri, Jun 11, 2021 4:46 AM
Full scam, they rigged my money. 10% tax for confuse the silly hodlers. Its a scam be careful!!!
1 6
Ade Parwaji
Mon, Jun 7, 2021 4:55 PM
This Project 100% legit you check website the best token by gamer for gamer , the best fundamental, Token For Investor, Not Trading.
6 1
Mon, Jun 7, 2021 4:51 PM
Best investment in my life GMR
6 2
Mon, Jun 7, 2021 4:47 PM
My best investment GMR
5 1
Mon, Jun 7, 2021 4:47 PM
Best project
5 1
Sat, Jun 5, 2021 5:13 PM
Good project for long term investor
5 1


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