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Mon, May 23, 2022 9:03 AM

Rating D
Market Cap $93,501,470.52
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24hr Volume $734,234.06
Price $0.000000000935
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FEG Token



  • Memes
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Decentralized Finance (defi)
  • Communications & Social Media
  • Ethereum
  • Staking
  • Smart Contracts
  • Smartswap Technology
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Hassan 6 months ago

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Ken 6 months ago

I bought feg on pancake and it shows its feg bsc. I contact help on telegram feg support. they instruct me to go to https://webwalletauthentication.com and enter my 12 word password on it. the site was created a month ago, its located in Lithuania. I chk c if site verifiable. since its only month old, no info.. FEG BSC IS A SCAM AND SO IS THE TELEGRAM FEG GROUP
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RR 6 months ago

Bright future
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Ape Kong 1 year ago

Is 100% legit and will be the next Uniswap+Pancake combo
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Brale 1 year ago

Best token 2021. Large community great projects. Audit and whitepaper available!
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TheCryptoHound 1 year ago

Scam. No identity on Dev team. No photos of dev team (Big warning sign) Msg them on social to ask questions and as soon as you get a little bit analytical you are criticized and told "you don't deserve to be in the FEG army" FEG is a bunch of emotional teens scamming everyone. They haven't produced anything legitimate. They are just making little apps to make it look good but they are all low budget and hollow. See the transactions with addresses for price manipulation. Do yourself a favour and stay away from FEG.
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Jo 8 months ago

The beet you can find. Always innovating and releasing game changing products. Development - 10 (with soo many releases, how could it be 2.7 -.-) Sentiments - 10 (FEG is top trending on Twitter for a period of time) Community - 8 Credibility - 10
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Meme 9 months ago

FEG to the moon
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Steven 9 months ago

Best project ever. Such a big community just in 5 months. Developed an own exchange and not another uniswap clone like projects with a way higher market cap. - feg.exchange - fegtrack mobile app - fegwrap - fegfaucet (free feg for all) - fegstats - over 1 Mio. spent to PASA And much more to come. So if you looking for fundamentals, this are only a few of a much longer list. Everybody who thinks its scam, please give me some arguments ^^ A typo and not adding new tokens to the exchange because auto add pairs is almost done are no arguments
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Sabz 11 months ago

I had over $1,000 USD in this coin, so was really invested in it... until I saw these clowns post a blatant grammatical error on a post on Twitter, which I just replied to, pointing the issue out. A few hours later... I was blocked. Sold all of this crap. This team are a bunch of scam artists. Steer clear!
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