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Sun, Aug 14, 2022 10:10 AM

Rating C
Market Cap $136,327,005.85
Market Dominance unknown
24hr Volume $10,520,180.21
Price $0.1101
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  • Webfree
  • Platform
  • Blockchain
  • Multi-blockchain
  • Ethereum Ecosystem
  • Bnb Chain Ecosystem
  • Smart Contract Platform
  • Proof Of Stake
  • Proof Of Stake (pos)
  • Delegated Proof Of Stake
  • Dynamic Multithreading
  • Distributed Programming
  • Soft Majority Consensus
  • Decentralized User Interfaces
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meow 8 months ago

Participating in the community and contest from the testnet. Great project. Finally dropped unnecessary legacy (and the PoC code). Total decentralization, infinite scalability, top transactions bandwidth among all of the platforms. Ready to become Web3.
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Josi Kie 8 months ago

I want to tell you, Everscale is not a Scam project. Everscale technology is used by the International Chess Federation for Sport's Global NFT Marketplace, it's clear Everscale is not a scam. I have never known blockchain technology this good. Everscale is super fast, secure, and its smart contract technology is amazing. I think it will be a better next-generation blockchain. The technology can be used on a large scale in various fields, this is not an ordinary blockchain. Now Everscale is in the process of rebranding from TON Crystal to Everscale. After rebranding, Everscale will move to the Rust node and be more powerful. Oh yes, the Everscale community is decentralized and very compact. I see this blockchain technology as an opportunity for businesses and organizations to develop their business to better technology. Judging from the characteristics of Everscale, this technology is more than blockchain 2.0 technology
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Ayudha 8 months ago

If you know you know
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Yo AN 8 months ago

You don't know Everscale ????!! Ok, so this is the pitch : ultra fast blockchain, hyper scalability, huge communauty on Telegram (https://t.me/EVERSCALE_comm) , what are you waiting for ? Come on
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Ben Bateman 8 months ago

Hey all, anyone familiar with Everscale should know I'm the resident community busybody. Any questions about the project feel free to DYOR and reach out to me or anyone else in our groups, I'm full public profile are most others building and working on the platform.
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sm 9 months ago

I'm following that project since the network launch in May, 2020. Alongside with about 300 participants, I've been through two major validators games. The first of those led to multiple improvements and bug fixes in the original code of the full node (written in C++ by Telegram), while the second let us to test and debug alternative, much more performant and scalable implementation of the full node (written in Rust by TON Labs). In that second game, final performance testing of the Rust node proved to be a real breakthrough: ~63K TPS in world-wide distributed network of validators. As of the community: being self-governed has both upsides and downsides: meritocratic funds distribution sometimes gets exploited by malicious actors, communication with third parties (such as exchanges and media) isn't always super efficient but we're learning and improving. Now we're in the process of rebranding: Everscale has so much more to it, besides the legacy of TON...
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