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Mon, May 23, 2022 5:25 AM

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NICK 1 year ago

Elastos - the hidden đź’Ž
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The Chimp 1 year ago

Elastos isn't a scam. Elastos is an Internet Operating System focusing on re-decentralizing the Internet with blockchain. - Smart contracts - Decentralized identity - Credit Personal Oracle - Personal cloud storage for each user - A decentralized network operating system - A decentralized Web browser (Trinity), - A blockchain that allows connection with any blockchains - A virtual machine - A distributed computing platform - A decentralized storage solution ELA is like buying the fuel and store of value of this new Internet Web 3. Look at a summary of everything they've done so far. https://twitter.com/illuminatesdark/status/1333907452174196736/photo/1
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NICK 1 year ago

Elastos - the hidden ?
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unparalleled 1 year ago

Huge project that is massively under the radar
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Gods son 1 year ago

Huge project! Scale is unbelievable
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G 1 year ago

Elastos the don!
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Sash 1 year ago

Elastos is a gem, I’ve been in crypto since 2013 and Elastos 2017 when it all began, followed the whole journey and honestly it’s been tough, the project has been tested throughout the bear market with ELA the Elastos coin being released early 2018. This timing was when the whole space crashed and the foundation, building an Internet OS aka Smartweb, focused all their funds on developing over any marketing. Many people lost money in the bear market and some cut their losses and became sour, but those that stuck through thick and thin formed an amazing and resilient community and will vouch on the sheer work that’s been delivered by the 70+ global developers. Building a new Internet to power and network Industry 4.0 for the decades to come is a huge vision and task. Elastos is building to fix all the issues you see in the social dilemma and to create true Internet capitalism for the very first time, an online environment where you can buy and trade digital goods just like you can physical, which currently isn’t possible with online monopolies (think Amazon ebook or piece of software). People have struggled with the foundation fulfilling its promise to become decentralised but this is a new Internet protocol not a company and no one can own the Internet, it hasn’t helped that many compare against other projects in all their centralised glory. Elastos ultimately wants to be like bitcoin, uncontrollable with no sole entity liable to litigation, a hive mind of people all around the world working and building a new Internet which protects and secures users data and solves the double spend problem for the all data online. Elastos isn’t a blockchain project it’s a new Internet project with blockchain as one of many features. It’s December 2020, as someone who’s been through it all in crypto, I couldn’t be more excited for this project and if your reading go down the rabbit hole and think for yourself. Watch videos on Rong Chen the Elastos founder and join our community. This is what a real grassroots movement looks like, one that hasn’t used marketing and money to lure you in, and one with many great people from all walks of life in! If we can change our monetary system with bitcoin and preserving wealth over time (instead of inflation) and give everyone ownership and security of their data, the next chapter for the world will be much better. Just think, everything is more expensive today because of inflation making climate change an order of magnitude higher, and likewise Silicon Valley wouldn’t be anything without your data, and they are the richest companies in the world today. Fix these two and distribute wealth to individuals all across the world for a greener and better future. Come join our community :)
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Ninja 1 year ago

Elastos is the most exciting and one with a huge amount of tech and work that has happened already.
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Thomas 1 year ago

Definitely not a scam coin and under the radar, ICO money used for developing the new internet, and the founder (Rong Chen) is the most honest founder that i found in crypto space. If Elastos is a scam, why they still publish many new finished projects till now? Just research it how many things that Elastos already built: 1. Its own blockchain 2. Merge Mining Bitcoin 3. DAO via CyberRepublic on blockchain 4. DPOS consensus 5. DID sidechain 6. ETH sidechain 7. Hyper Messenger (chatting apps competitor of signals and whatsapp) 8. elastOs 9. DeFi projects (Shadow token, QuickSilver, TokSwap) ETH compatible 10. World Economic Forum project 11. GreenPass that using Elastos DID 12. Hive 2.0 (storage solution with IPFS technology) 13. Elastos Carrier 14. Chainlink oracle integration 15. TBA... (NFT, credit oracle, friendchain) And what make Elastos will bring a big goose bumps is: Elastos only have 18,2 million coins in circulating supply right now (Dec 2020), and there is a proposal from the DAO to make it have max supply to 28 million coins. Just noob math, if Elastos become 1000$, its marketcap only $28 billion Many peoples always believe that XRP will go to 5$++ somewhere at 2021 and with XRP current supply, it will have $900 billion marketcap. Elastos 1000 $ vs XRP 5$ $28 Billion Market Cap vs $900 Billion Market Cap It is an easy gamble, isn't it? Consider lucky if you read this :)
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Utiahc222 1 year ago

Just check this Twitter post you will know what Elastos is doing. The best and most advanced project In crypto space. https://twitter.com/illuminatesdark/status/1333907452174196736?s=21
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