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Sun, Sep 17, 2023 8:45 AM

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BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

- We are building a decentralized table-top RPG style web game on the Binance Smart Chain with yield farming features. - Tokenomics is healthy, we have a long term maximum supply of 10,000,000 DND tokens and we burn the tokens via gaming mechanism, so over the long term, your DND Token the currency of DungeonSwap) will only get more worthy - Our unique feature beyond a standard yield-farming is a game called ""The Dungeon"" and ""Boss Battleground"" which the development team is working very hard to develop and hope to serve as a long term feature that generate user satisfaction.

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  • BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
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H2Crypto 2 years ago

Dev team is working hard on project evolvement. Nice game play, promising future, and special P2E mode to be revealed. Worth your attention.
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panagiotis konikkos 2 years ago

Def legit. Very good project
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Jake 2 years ago

This game is legit scam. They asked you to pay gas fees all the time: - Gas fees to enter the dungeon - Gas fees to for every single battle - Gas fees to harvest at the end if you win OR if you LOSE as well. The reward for each level is not even worth it. Level 1 has the most reward (1.3 DND) Level 2 has an ADDITIONAL of 0.49 something DND (Total 1.8 DND). CAUTION, the 1.8 DND you see is the ACCUMULATED reward you get if you win the current level, NOT the additional DND you get. Lastly, when I mention this problem in the Telegram group, they ban me immediately. Probably because I expose their scam.
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Quang Dinh 2 years ago

This game is sketchy and probably a scam for the following reasons: They take a lot of GAS FEES: + Fees to enter the game + Fees for EVERY SINGLE battle + Fees to harvest when you win AND when you lose (When you lose in the game, you get no rewards yet they still take gas fees on your lost) The rewards are not even worth it. Winning is VERY hard, thus the pool for jackpot keeps increasing since people are losing most of the time. Level 1 reward is 1.3 DND. Level 2 reward is ONLY 0.49 something additional DND yet it's way harder end if you lose, you lose all reward including what you win in level 1 and you pay gas fees to get out of the match. I raise these very points in their telegram group and they ban me immediately. Apparently, I struck a nerve somewhere and they had to act immediately before I expose them even more :) Thanks for reading!
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Scott Spraker 2 years ago

This game has real potential. Great, friendly community, and will be released Aug 1st. $DND will skyrocket soon, better hurry!
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