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Sun, Aug 14, 2022 4:09 AM

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Jupiter 1 year ago

Scam coin that scammed many people years ago and now trying to do the same in 2021. Don't become a bagholder, investigate and you will see that their providers are empty, without content or web pages, it is all a big lie.
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J 1 year ago

Don't miss the boat on this one. Once the price will inevitably sky rocket you'll be hitting yourself in the head, or worse, because you didn't buy or sold too soon because you didn't listen and do your research... again... Instead you listened to idiots shouting "scam" because the price dropped a little the moment they entered and they sold in panic with a loss... not even knowing what they had just bought. https://metrics.dragonchain.com/
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Freud 1 year ago

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Dr. Strange 1 year ago

What companies would pay to use the Dragonchain network? is a scam where those who have been involved in the currency for years seek to trick new idiots into making it go up a little so they can go green.
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Jeffrey 1 year ago

Nice tries on the FUD here, but Dragonchain is a legit company and businesses are adopting the technology which can be seen in a transparent manner on their metrics page here: https://metrics.dragonchain.com Even more so, a bunch of case studies here: https://dragonchain.com/case-studies/ and some of the available business solutions on https://dragonchain.com/business Dragonchain is an open source hybrid blockchain platform and anyone can spin up a business node to integrate blockchain to their systems or applications through RESTful APIs (SDKs for many coding languages available) and see for themselves.
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truthseeker 2 years ago

I'm pretty positive Dragonchain is a scam, if not a direct one. The company has no real customers two years after their ICO, and has provided no token value despite their "platform" being operational for longer than most blockchain projects. Check out the following resources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hj2zbcITmc6nVubHcT9l8e72AaCOuNeNizRr0nSIoLA/mobilebasic https://freetexthost.net/kgOXoVR https://youtu.be/BA2_pg_odX4?t=173 These are only the tip of the iceberg, a quick Google search turns up more. Apparently their CEO Joe Roets is also a con artist with a bunch of fake professional references.
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Mick Mouse 2 years ago

Total fraud. Absolute liars no
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