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Tue, May 24, 2022 4:22 AM

Rating E
Market Cap $403,086.57
Market Dominance unknown
24hr Volume $80.59
Price $0.00403
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DetherScam 2 years ago

- ICO closed one year ago, 13.4m EUR funded (100%) One year after: - Ridicously low token price & volume now (< 98% of ICO price) - No team member information: neither on the official website, nor on the Twitter account (most photos with team were removed) - Only the two founders are actually still part of the team, and are only recruiting a single lead developer every now and then. - Original team information (at ICO time) Hamid Benyahia (Co-founder) Mehdi Amari (Co-founder) Nicolas Wagner (Blockchain developer): gone, freelance dev. Pacien Boisson (Full Stack JS Developer): gone, freelance dev. Ishak Leghlam (Full Stack JS/ ethereum): gone, freelance dev. Romain Hochard (UX/UI Designer): gone, freelance dev. Mamadou Ba (CMO): gone Mohamed Zenk (Community manager): gone, now CMO at (according to his LinkedIn), which seems like a ghost project; Perhaps inspired by the same get-rich quick scheme as Dether founders Esso-Dong Djafalo: has rejoined Dether afterwards, but soon left and is now CEO of the aforementioned - Absolutely no GitHub activity since ICO last year, see: - Telegram was removed this week by the two founders after being left unable to answer many questions raised by community - CEO Hamid Benyahia is quick to tag Vitalik Buterin in his tweets, but quite arrogant when answering the community on the now-removed Telegram group.
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Jedy 2 years ago

Definitely a scam. I know the guys who are very arrogants and ignorants. Also backed by professional scammers Eddy and Yassine teraï (just talking and following the money). No revolution here. Nothing to see.
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