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Wed, May 25, 2022 5:26 AM

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BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

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Isaiah Abidemi Lamina 10 months ago

HODL Not saying much
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Guando 10 months ago

Yes it is a rugpull and if you don’t want to lose your money don’t buy it
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Straight Up Scam 11 months ago

This is a fucking scam.
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Larue 11 months ago

CluCoins an amazing idea. It has a 10 percent fee when buying/selling. 5 percent goes to liquidity and the other 5 split among the holders, including a charity wallet. Raised 600k for save the children. Started a non profit charity (501c3) called CLUnited. Passed the Certik audit with 100 percent. Has over 65k holders and steady at 12x first week of launch.
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Densor 11 months ago

The white paper has zero technical details, nor any specifics about what charity will be supported, but is very rich in buzz-words. The promises it makes about what this coin is allegedly going to accomplish sound like a speech given by a Ms. Universe contestant: Everybody gets everything, including a "world without poverty and disease". It's heavily pushed through giveaways, which seems to be a thing the creator does on streaming platforms to increase his own reach. Giveaways are framed as "charity", but should actually be considered part of the PR budget to get more social media reach.
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Ram 1 year ago

No it’s not.The team is solid DNP3 the founder is a very well know Twicher with millions of followers he is a Gamer and is know for charity.The official channel of clucoin is very active and they answer all questions.Team is very organized and this will make people holding this token very rich.
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Nate m 1 year ago

Anything’s possible in the world of crypto. However, it does have a decent possibility of short and long term gain
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Nate m 1 year ago

Anything’s possible in the world of crypto. However, the mechanics behind it do make sense and it’s definitely worth consideration.
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Sain 1 year ago

I think it’s a scam, I am also familiar with DNP3 and I am pretty sure he’s just trying to do some money laundering
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