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Fri, Mar 29, 2024 10:45 AM

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What is Cheelee? Cheelee is a short video platform where users are rewarded for watching the content. Cheelee was created under the premise of the Attention Economy concept stating that human attention should be converted into income using modern technologies. The Attention Economy was introduced by Herbert Simon, the Nobel Prize laureate, in the 1970s. Considering that today people spend an average of 2.5 hours of their time on social networks daily and get nothing in return, Cheelee took on a difficult mission to provide everyone with the opportunity to monetize their time spent on watching the content. The platform introduces NFT and GameFi mechanics, allowing for the collection, leveling up, and trading of NFT Glasses – the crucial element of the Cheelee ecosystem. Through this, the audience of the platform earns by converting their attention into CHEEL tokens. Who Are the Founders of Cheelee Cheelee was founded in 2019 by Roman Alekseev, a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist with more than 20 years of experience in the international market. It was co-founded by Ruslan Sharov and Yuriy Kardonov. Ruslan Sharov is the current CEO of the platform. As an entrepreneur and a business angel with 20 years of experience, he co-founded KSK Group consulting company, Mazalt Group holding, and Gift to an Angel charity fund. Yuriy Kardonov is the CEO and founder of neurotechnologies and virtual reality startup CommON. He is also an organizer of global hackathons for IT developers. What Makes Cheelee unique? Cheelee is the first social media to offer its users and creators rewards for viewing or creating content. Apart from this, the platform also allows buying, selling, upgrading, minting, staking, or collecting NFT Glasses. Once signed up every user receives free NFT Glasses, a collectible item, a tool for earning on the platform, and the crucial element of the gaming design.

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losik 5 months ago

to be honest I really earned money here.... it's hard a bit to withdraw, but it is possible
8 0

Ben 6 months ago

Le jeton est tout nouveau tout comme le projet et est actuellement trader sur des sites bien réputés. Laissons juste le temps au projet mais le concept est exceptionnel même ci , il faut reconnaître que pour attirer beaucoup de membres très rapidement , ils utilisent des méthodes un peu contre versé.
0 4

Fatima 11 months ago

From the beginning no doubt already that this App is a Scam. I have friend a famous one and a media influencer they stole or fake the account of him and not just him many of his friend been a victim of these scam App.
24 6

LarryG 11 months ago

The price of the asset is being artificially inflated through wash trading, but this strategy will not work once it is listed on larger exchanges with more trading volume."?
31 5

Patricia 11 months ago

The token's price is extremely inflated relative to the number of coins issued.
33 6

Robert James 1 year ago

The token was launched at $2 and within a few days reached $6. The volume is up to $2 million which is all just inside trading, meaning they're just buying and selling the token to themselves. A Wash Trade.
46 6

Dmitriy 1 year ago

The project is very promising, I have not seen analogues and the growth dynamics is impressive
8 46

Daler 1 year ago

I am so amused by these assholes or scammers who put 1 star, do you even know what this project is, I think not! This project is for modern and party guys who are on trend, if you are not in the subject alas! Do not drive on the cool design and mechanics of the project, read the news!
7 48
LE 1 year ago

I have been following the project for about 3 weeks now,and during this time it has only surprised me.The project remains afloat,despite such a terrible market,which we are now seeing,I think the team is putting a lot of effort into it.Even if you just analyze the chart,you can see that after the first listing started a bullish trend.In addition,the application has been released,which is already working at full capacity and can fully replace the well-known TikTok.I would also like to mention the generosity of the project,just recently was Gleam,for which each participant received the equivalent of $ 130 at current exchange rates,now I am literally biting my nails,because I have not participated in it,it is a very good step to attract the new community.My conclusion is simple,the project is young and rapidly evolving,despite the booing by some "experts",there are prerequisites for a soon exit to the stock exchange,worthy projects at the moment few and I certainly with Cheelee
8 45

ville 1 year ago

What a fake, I believe the guys, they run cool contests that win real people
9 46
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