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Mon, May 16, 2022 10:00 PM

Rating B
Market Cap $20,330,234,416.44
Market Dominance 1.532
24hr Volume $1,111,478,916.19
Price $0.6011
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OkayDee 1 month ago

nothing special happened since last year. this coin is pumped so hard and i dont know why people buy this coin. the founder is creepy
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Christopher 1 month ago

Cardano is a scam coin, fuck u cardano. Please don't buy this coin
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Coin Wise 2 months ago

Cardano is one of the best long term cryptocurrencies that you can invest in. The project has been in existence since 2016 and was created with a scientific and mathematical approach by computer scientist Charles Hoskinson and his team. The base code was written in Haskell, making it one of the most secure blockchains and cryptocurrencies in existence today. The project has suffered it's fair share of criticism due to the greater length of time that it has taken to achieve it's goals: secure, scalable, reliable, and truly decentralised, and resistant to venture capitalist influences. In 2022 it is emerging as one of the best, most secure and reliable blockchains in existence and with a wealth of developers and projects building on the platform. In short, it is the Rolls Royce of blockchains and crypto projects, built from the ground up for longevity, it is likely an excellent investment for anyone looking to enter the space.
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John 3 months ago

First you buy cardano, then you buy a cardboard box.
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ChinaBearCommunistFaction 4 months ago

Biggest Shitcoin Scam. Since the launch of Smart Contracts; it proved to be a useless coin, no Dapps or real world use.
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Afik 5 months ago

Seems credible, innovative and overall a good investment.
1 2

Heine78 6 months ago

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Javier 6 months ago

A great coin with great potential.
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Van 7 months ago

a 100% premined coin that is not even a real crypto. Recently trying to add smart contracts in order to act as shitcoin factory like ETH and bnb did. What a shame
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StaDoukas 7 months ago

Completely centralized project which has no relation with the original cryptocurrency idea (like the most right now!).
People don't understand that its founders just created asset units out of nowhere and allocated them in THEIR addresses ? ( 100% premined - owned by the founders) All its buyers are not buying a crypto now, they are buying the founder's coins which were literally made out of thin air and with marketing they convinced that this is a "crypto". Find out what a real crypto is with projects like Monero, BITCOINZ, Digibyte etc that truly followed the Bitcoin's path.
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