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Sun, Jan 23, 2022 12:55 PM

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BEZOGE is developed to follow the footsteps of some of the best performing experimental coins and amalgmate their fetures into one coin. BEZOGE is a fair and deflationary token built on the ERC-20 network ensuring a wide community to be part of the Bezoge Earth ecosystem. BEZOGE has plans to develop a mobile game based on the Bezoge Earth world and also an NFT marketplace to trade exclusive BEZOGE NFTs. With wide awareness of the original Meme tokens, BEZOGE is planning to not only follow but exceed the current path of all other memes, for eg, to be listed in major exchanges and to be exposed to majority of crypto followers, whilst having future plans to connect with other tokens.

Read more in the whitepaper:

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ETH: 0xdc349913d53b446485e98b76800b6254f43df695

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Bezoge Earth has a safety score of 4.51

Bezoge Earth is a nano cap token.

Bezoge Earth is suited to a speculative investment style.

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  • Early project age (released May 21, 2021)

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Sun, Jan 16, 2022 11:12 AM
I believe we can fly I believe we can touch the sky I think about it every night and day…
1 0
Fri, Jan 14, 2022 7:40 PM
There is now an Alpha out for Bezoge, which for me is the first steps in proving the potential of this project. Yes it's a meme coin, but you earn tokens by holding (1% on every transaction, while another 1% gets burned), which doesn't go unnoticed. There currently isn't a mac version, which is a shame. But i would begin to believe in the longevity of this when we see more exchange listings and a more widely adopted alpha/beta.
0 0
Shock And Awe
Thu, Aug 26, 2021 6:09 AM
A friend of mine got me to purchase bezoge earth in May or June of this year. There was a big pump and dump and it gained a bunch of followers that way. They claim it was a whale that wanted out. Doubtful. Now, all that happens are slight ups and downs. The game developer showed a cell phone video on Twitter or his crappy laptop and a unity platform. It was very primitive and something like that would take a good game developer less than 30 minutes to do. If that. Now the art work and YouTube music videos are good... and game seems to be taking shape... But at what cost? They also have bots in several wallets regularly taking profits. They shift them out every week so you won't notice. They say it could be anyone. They're not because they're in thr original wallets. Seems to me these people are paying themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop this "long awaited MMO game" and hoping multi millionaires will eventually invest. So who knows. Maybe someday it will gain traction, but for now, they're just taking your money. Baiting you along.
0 0
Shannon Kelman Church
Sun, Aug 15, 2021 1:54 PM
Bezoge is a Multi Utility Token with several use cases. NFT'S, MMO block chain gaming, Memazon eCommerce platform, and Blue Beginnings launch pad. Great community driven token. Great investment.
2 0
Sun, Aug 15, 2021 1:45 PM
I have been an investor with Bezoge Earth since day 5 of launch. The telegram group is amazing will great people. The Dev pops in often and has full conversation with anyone wanting to talk. They do a Voice Chat AMA every Monday. I'm looking forward to the release of the NFT'S in a few weeks and then launch of the MMO Play to Earn game. This is one token with Multiple use cases. Memazon eCommerce platform will be really nice also. Financially, Bezoge has been a great investment thus far.
2 0
Sun, Aug 15, 2021 12:35 PM
Finally a meme coin with a decent use case. No idea what the other reviewer is talking about - check etherscan, the Devs have taken nothing.
1 0
Mon, Jul 12, 2021 6:39 AM
Family member of noteworthy Bezos lead investigator de Becker blows the whistle on Bezoge Earth for scamming her of over $30,000 personally, and millions world wide. Bezoge Earth claims to have organic growth, all the while syphoning hundreds of thousands of dollars weekly.
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