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Sat, Jun 25, 2022 7:50 AM

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BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

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Artyom 1 year ago

They changed the target for price expansion from 1$ to 0.998$. This means the protocol will try to make BDO = 0.998$ instead of 1$, despite they said (and keep saying) BDO should equal 1$. I consider team's actions a scam.
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Rolf 1 year ago

Hard working team, great community. Road to 1$
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Sheldon 1 year ago

No it is not a scam. I have been involved with this platform since February. They were in expansion in the beginning and now they have been in contraction for sometime. This is an algorithmic stable coin and can be read up on at The team is in fact very active and has been responsive and adding multi pegs and is working on bdex limit exchange, bpower, lending, casino. All products will use BDO as currency so contracting is a great way to enter platform and they are working on burning more so it will eventually get back to where we need it to imo. Dyor but definitely not a scam
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Jelo 1 year ago

No it is not! Very dedicated and professional team. Its a young project and team is way ahead of the roadmap.
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Luis Felipe Alves 1 year ago

Great Project! Complete ecosystem (Dex(SOON), Lending, Farm and NFT(SOON)) Polite and comunicative admins! I wish they can add more information here....
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Anon 1 year ago

No, it is not a scam. bDollar is one of the many products/services being delivered by the combined effort of the team behind & bDollar specifically is a revolutionary seigniorage protocol designed to distribute and burn various algorithmic tokens called "multi-pegs" which follow the price of some underlying asset. This is done by "massaging" the supply and demand of these tokens to direct the price towards a target value. For example, BDO follows the price of 1$ USD, bpDOT follows the price of 1 DOT (polkadot), bpUNI follows the price of 1 UNI (uniswap), etc. In order to direct the price of the multi-peg towards the market value of the underlying asset, the protocol mints new tokens while in expansion (price is above 1) to increase the circulating supply. Those who stake the sBDO token in receive these newly minted tokens. When the price of the multi-peg is below the price of the underlying asset (price below 1), minting is halted - and instead the protocol allows the community to burn circulating tokens by converting them into bonds - driving the price of the multi-peg back above 1. Once above 1, bonds can be redeemed by contributors to receive a premium number of tokens for their contribution to keeping the price pegged. The team behind this protocol are planning to provide over 20+ algorithmic tokens which can be farmed with a single token (sBDO) in the boardroom. Besides the seigniorage mechanism, multi-pegs will have a use case in lending, borrowing, casino games, lottery, yield-farming, and for use in the bDEX (decentralized exchange) currently being developed by the team, among many other use cases. They are planning to build an enormous hub for DeFi on the binance smart chain network. What cannot be overlooked about this protocol is that it had recently survived an enormous turbulence of uneducated investors and price manipulation. In the period of mid march 2021 you can see the protocol had achieved a near perfect peg of 1$ for BDO (this was the time before other multi-pegs were implemented). Unfortunately, due to a combination of various conditions - the majority of the community fell into a spiral of panic selling of the valuable asset sBDO (worth 8-8.5k at the time) when BDO was just under 1$ (0.99998). Since BDO was never under peg for an extended period before this time - many investors panic-sold sBDO because the boardroom was not minting new BDO tokens during this time of contraction. This lead to a cascading dumping of the price that the protocol is at this time still trying to recover from. Unfortunately, the damage to sentiment was significant. Fortunately - the innovation and determination of the team is still there. The team has not stopped building and improving their ecosystem, and they are not giving up on their effort to regain market sentiment. Given enough time and organic growth, the BDO asset will again return to peg. But what must be kept in mind, is that it is only one of the multi-pegs. Thank you for reading, always DYOR and do not listen to uneducated fudders.
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TradeClaw 1 year ago

This project has become a shtshow. Algo peg design ruined by having duplicate LPs, big mistake that pulled out millions liquidity. Bonds design rekt coz you can trade BDO and BBDO 1:1, bonds create revenue so BBDO became extra BDO. Multipegs are making the issue worse.
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