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Sun, Feb 25, 2024 3:15 PM

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BABB is the World Bank for the microeconomy; a decentralised banking platform that leverages blockchain, AI, and biometrics technologies to offer anyone in the world access to a UK bank account for peer-to-peer financial services. There are 2 billion people in the world without a bank account, and it’s not viable for the traditional banking system to serve them. BABB is a new approach using new technology to crowdsource financial services and completely remove the need for banks as we know them.

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Marco Yip 2 weeks ago

SCAM company STAY AWAY. STOLEN CLIENT FUNDS I registered an account with BABB on 12 Jan 2024, successfully passed the verification process, and have since experienced a series of alarming incidents that strongly suggest fraudulent behavior and unethical practices on the part of BABB. Allegations: (a) Unfair contract terms - on the client agreement "We may end this Agreement and close your Babb Account or any service associated with it by giving you two months’ prior notice". From their email i got less than 24 hours notice ONLY (b) Mishandling client money, (c) Unethical business practice, (d) Financial scam, (e) dishonest act - i attempted and requested BABB to withdraw money, they disabled the withdrawal functions while "You have 24 hours to withdraw any funds remaining in your account." Around 24 hours later sent me an email "All remaining funds in your account will be transferred back to the source.". (f) Misleading financial adverts, (d) Financial scam
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Askaya34 11 months ago

i see no reason why this fake trading platform is still active. i went astray to them what will i have done if not for succour of { LF R£SCU£ • org } i was able to get my 401k fund with their support.
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Sharky 11 months ago

Great project. Regulated and licenced in the UK. Even though I live in America, I could open a UK account, b/c BABB is partnered with banks, GBP funds are insured up to 85,000 British pounds or 100k usd. So if anything happens to the company, I get my GBP funds back. Even though I'm in the US, I can instantly deposit money with my debit card but wire transfer tines vary. Sometimes, I have to call my bank to authorize an international debit card purchase. It might depend on your bank cause my family member can deposit from card w/o calling. UK users have instant card & wire tranfers. In Q3 Euro users + Q4 US users can instantly wire transfer. I'm talking lightning fast..... Game changer. Faster than swift and its global. Deposits are free, transfers to other app users both free and crazy fast. Store, send & buy crypto. Great communication from team on socials. BTW, the two negative reviews below???? What lawyer would tell a client to post that or anything on some website.
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Dusan Jovanovic 2 years ago

Babb has stolen over $15k from my wallet. Now when I try to contact them they are not responding even if they initially admitted that was their mistake. Currently in a process of submitting a Financial Ombudsman complaint. Also as a digital marketing specialist, I'm starting "BABB Scam" - a marketing awareness campaign, to save future investors from this scam. Stay away from them!
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Ahmed Al-Attas 2 years ago

The owner CEO is a fraudster . Has stolen money and frauded investors from saudi arabia through people i introduced him too. He told them to wire there transfers for investment in WoW pay.. now known as BABB via western Union. I have the documentations to prove this. Also after recieving the funding from my introduction to him to my clients..he denied them there rights and participation and then changed his name from Khaled Yassin Alkebsi to Rushd Averroes.. he even changed the company name. My clients are in the process of suing him and have hired legal support. He has registered and closed 2 API companies previously. One in the name of Alkebsi FX and then Wowpay and now BABB wish all you investors the best of luck. I wrote this letter as advised by my lawyer in Saudi Arabia., Best regards, Ahmed Al-Attas from Saudi Arabia. if you need to contact me my email is
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Ahmed Al-Attas 2 years ago

The biggest scam on earth. I introduced him to my clients in Saudi Arabia. His real name is Khaled Yassin Alkibsi. Not Rushd Averroes. He took my clients money and denied them there rights and partnership. He has opened and closed 2 companies previously. The first was Alkebsi FX and then Wowpay and now BABB.. please be careful who you are dealing with. If you need further informatiom you can email me on My clients are already in the process of suing him. Be very careful how you inveat your money. He already Scammed my clients 2 million pounds to set up his new company. All through western union as requested by him. One of my clients is a syrian national living and working in Saudi Arabia. All his life savings of $500,000 he stole from him and never paid him back. This is just one i introduced him too.
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