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Axion is an emerging global monetary system designed to increase the purchasing power of the network participants. Axion offers high-interest yielding time-locked deposits on the Ethereum blockchain, while also offering a first of its kind smart contract powered venture capital fund.

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Spencer Sweeting 1 year ago

Not only is this a scam. I’m pretty sure there’s some illegal activity going on with this. I also believe the people reviewing this below are lying and part of it as well. I invested over $ 10,000 in this coin over its first year and it’s now worth $20. They promise high yield returns if u lock in your money so I was not even able to remove it when it started falling. Someone should be held accountable and go to prison for this one.
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Balltillwefall 2 years ago

Axion community is the best I have ever seen! Devs are second to none!. Awesome core team-they are very active and responsive in Discord and constantly improving! Clearly as the chain migration from Eth to Polygon seamlessly—now you can buy and stake, earn interest and wBTC for next to nothing in gas prices. literally about .01 to transact. Fill your bags!!! We’re mooning 2022
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Alchemyst0x 2 years ago

Seriously the best project right now. Trust me, I have lost enough money to bad choices that I can say for a while now, I am much more confident in my ability to guage a product - and that being said, the biggest contributing factor is really gotta be the devs behind it and the community. No one is going to moon with the similar coin everyone loves to compare this one too. Those days are GONE. AXION is a true investment vehicle and the benefits are incredible. I am absolutely 100% staking that 5555/15 year stake with as much as I can afford! And then more when i can do so! Wonderful project that doesn't stop giving just because you weren't there from the very beginning by total luck. You have plenty of time to get in - well, that's very relative haha. But you should, soon!!
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Adam Ferguson 2 years ago

Axion may have been a bit of a downer as of late but they are making some huge progress lately. Moving to polygon is a major step and will be great for the progress everyone needs to see! I'm excited!
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@Cryptojunkie101 2 years ago

Axion has the best community in the business and I am a true believer that it will reach over and above expectations, specially thanks to the moderators and devs in all the social platforms for answering questions without hesitation even if they have been asked many times, absolute respect for them as they have absolute respect for the axion community and always moving forward and doing whats necessary for Axion to succeed. Check out their discord channel, telegram and twitter. Amazing stuff keep up the great work guys. Matic polygon chain was a smart move 👍💙
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Aestiri 2 years ago

pretty cool project, have invested a small sum and keen to see where it goes
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Mark 2 years ago

Avoid this project! Promised rewards never sent to me. Invest in a project where they actually fulfill their promises!
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deronimo 2 years ago

Super Project!
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Murakami 2 years ago

Legit. Have been getting Bitcoin divs every day.
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Jeff Barth 2 years ago

Outstanding long term staking cd with huge upside that pays WBTC divs weekly
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